Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Today was a little different.  I was in some town south/central Mississippi, parked over night.  Got up this morning, made the delivery and then sat and waited for the next load.  Meanwhile, another truck pulled up so I asked him if he could help me identify where an air leak I kept hearing when I hit the brakes was coming from.  I can't hit the brakes and go look at the same time, but I pointed him to where I thought it was coming from and sure enough, a good air leak coming out of one of the air lines that goes from the truck to the trailer. 

So I threw that in the text as well: Got a good air leak, gonna need fixed soon.

I had called him before that asking if he had received my other texts cause he wasn't responding.  He's a busy dude, I get that but I don't want to needlessly sit around when there are miles and money to be made.  I was waiting there 2-1/2 hours when he finally said well come up to the shop and get it fixed. 152 miles away, dead heading? Okay.  They pay me for it, so that's on them. The entire glad handle had to be replaced, which was done relatively quickly and then I get a text: Get over to Brandon's ASAP. 

When he says that, I assume the place is closing shortly and a narrow window of time to get there. So I boogied on over, got the truck loaded with riding, zero turn lawnmowers - at least 100k worth lol, wish I could take one home - and headed out.  I'm back in the same area my old job used to send me.  Too bad I couldn't have gone another 80 miles further west, I could have spent the night at the house. 

Oh well. I will be going even further west than my house tomorrow and I have 4 drops, so maybe, if I"m lucky and time works out that way, I can still take a break at the house.  You never know, I'm not counting on it but it's a possibility.  I can't see myself leaving the last stop before 2 or 3 - these stops are scattered over 130 mile range and obviously trying to get them done in a day.  I would really not even want to do this junk considering the lack of miles, but they make it up by paying a per stop pay on top of miles in cases like this.  So it's $200 worth of stop pay plus mileage, it will be a good paying day tomorrow. 

I'm stuck in Minden, LA, just a mile down the road from the 1st delivery.  Hit them up early and get on down the road to Shreveport, then down to Mansfield and then over to a small town just south of Tyler, Texas. 

And so it is. I dont know what to make of all of this yet, hence I have kept my mouth shut about home time.  Give it some time to figure out whether I can adjust and actually maybe even like the lifestyle.  Last night was the first night I really slept good in the truck.  I drove until 11:30 pm and I was bone, dead tired.  I finally figured out how to adjust the AC on this APU, that was one of the problems. It would freeze this thing out.  I mostly am running it to get rid of the humidity, the temps aren't that bad at night. 

I'm kinda in lala land today.  Not sure what to think about anything going on.  Just riding it all out, seeing where it goes. 

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