Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A short entry. 
4 accidents in various places today left my in want on the total number of miles driven. I guess 600 isn't that bad but closer to 700 would have been better.

Meanwhile, this lady from that other place called today. I had totally given up on them. She wouldn't call me back, but it's a large, nationwide company that is reputable and has great benefits, better than what I would currently be getting at new job.  They still want to hire me, they said, when can you come in for a road test?

I didn't bother to tell her I was working a new job, I figured to go ahead and schedule it - for this coming weekend - to give myself some time to think about this.  And also to see my first real paycheck from this new company.  I had ample miles last week, I should have a healthy check.  But the proof isn't in the pudding until you see what that check is.  

I have always wanted to do tankers, tho and this other company is nothing but tankers.  Enough experience with them - like 1 or 2 years anyway - and I could easily score a local job hauling gasoline and home every night, making decent money. In fact, this company has a huge fleet of gas tankers running all over the country.  You've seen them, KAG or Keegan Advantage Group.

Doing the road test and just even leading up to doing the road test gives me time to revisit this in my mind.  For I was sold on that job in the beginning, I was going to go for it.  But she got caught up in whatever is going on over there. I did talk to several other drivers and they wouldn't do anything else.  People that have been working there since the 80's and 90's, when their yard was located in Magnolia, Arkansas.  They moved to Longview cause - well, the supplier of the chemicals they are hauling is in Longview. 

So anyway, I do want to see my first paycheck here, before I make any decisions and I willl get that on Friday. Well I got the "first" paycheck, it was only for 2 runs and that wasn't going to be that much money, obviously.  The difference between home time for current company and the other one is actually quite a bit. Current company at least gets me home on weekends.  That company gets you home every 3 days - but only for a day and only if they don't have another run for you to turn around and go out on.  

But, the future is what I"m looking at and KAG could eventually lead to a local job, either with them if possible or move on to another company.  Preferably stay within company.  

And then I was thinking about doing online classes with ASU today, as I keep hearing their ads on the radio and they are offering over 150 courses that you can do whenever you can get to it, all online, all the same credits as if you had shown up in the classroom. ASU is from my 2cd hometown, they have the most registered students of any college in the nation.  They continue to expand all over the place, I didn't even know they were offering online courses.

Tho, I learn better in a classroom setting, to be honest. 

Anyway, that's it. There's more but it's bedtime and I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow.  

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