Thursday, October 19, 2017

Well first off, I've been sitting at a place in Hammond, Louisiana, for 7 hours and will be here at least another 10 before I can get out of here.  When I found out they wouldn't unload me today, I took off to the nearest truck stop and had dinner, tho.  Spaghetti and salad. Very tasty with some leftovers that I am about to eat.  I wasn't near as hungry as I thought I would be. 

I did get some exercise today, tho, in traipsing through woods where the truck is parked.  And stood on a set of railroad tracks for an hour at least, just thinking about things.  I know how truck drivers get so fat and out of shape.  I am struggling to figure out ways to avoid that.  I already had a gut going before I got into this job. Yet, I am eating some granola bars throughout the day and having dinner at night.  I want to change that to eating the meal earlier and not before I am going to bed.

Anyway, the truck is making some chattering noises in the gear box and I have my doubts that it's going to last much longer before it dies and needs repaired.  I did say something to the dispatcher about it, he asked if it was a throwout bearing. Very well could be, I replied, to which he had nothing to offer. Great, if the thing breaks down, I thought, don't say I didn't say anything, is in writing.  He's a cool guy but he is far too overextended.  32 drivers? How does one person manage that many drivers in a day? I just text him mostly, he can get back to me whenever unless it is urgent then I try to call him. 

If the truck doesn't die on me, then I will get this thing finally unloaded at 4am this coming morning, get on up the road to 17 miles to a load site, then up to near Jackson to drop the trailer, go to another site, pick up another trailer and head - home.  Should be doable in one day. Monday morning I will have to be in Oklahoma City at 9am. 

Meanwhile, my first paycheck is everything I thought it would be and then some.  The orientation dude said there are potentials for bonuses on paychecks, I had no opinion one way or the other. Just sounded like blather that oritentation guys give when they are trying to get you hired on. If it's true, wonderful, if it's not, I wasn't holding my breath for it and turning blue anyway. Well, there was $150 bonus on that check.  It was amazing to see that. I busted my ass last week tho, not like it was a free ride.  Still cool tho.  Not complaining. Haha

And then there is the prospect of this other job. I am just in limbo. What to do, what to do. I'll tell ya what, I netted $400 more on this paycheck in one week's work than I netted in any paychecks in recent times from my previous employer for two weeks worth of pay.  If that stood, that's a net gain of $1600 per month. That's after taxes, mind you.  Net, not gross. Gross pay even more.  I could get used to this job for a while.  I could.  Weekends off. The other job offered, however, is even more pay. But, no weekends off, not guaranteed anyway. Just come and get the truck, drive over to Eastman and get the tanker loaded - they do all the loading, you actually have to unhook the trailer and leave the premises while they do that (very hazardous material, the the 195 below zero factor is enough to kill you instantly, if not that, the suffocation and one other thing that kills you that was explained to me that I have since forgotten).  But I don't really care about that.  They haul these trailers all over the place.

If I did have some happenstance that took my life, I figure instant freezing wouldn't really be that bad?  I dunno, not really wanting to find out, but I do think death would be quick, fast and - painless?  I laugh at these people that say "instant death, no pain". How the HELL does anyone KNOW that for sure?  Haha, great minds that propagate their scientific wares, anyway.

I'm getting more comfortable with this.  I hate being away, but this stuff I can endure. Would be better in a newer truck and definitely if it was the new trucks that have the free Direct TV in them with a 22 inch flat screen tv mounted in the sleeper and a double bunk - I'd brink Addler once at least to see if he can deal with it, because from what I am seeing, he is a grumpy dog when I leave.  That's coming from them, at the house, not me.  He is well loved, tho, and well taken care of. Two other dogs for company as well.  So not the end of the world, I just want better accomodations if I'm going to do this.  I  can't get the cigarette smoke smell out of here as much as I have tried, it's tamed down quite a bit but that pervasive odor doesn't go away. 

Anyway, I'm going to wind down for the night, meaning getting off of here and dealing with paperwork and getting ready to go to sleep. 3am I need to be in there with my paperwork.  I don't have to drive anywhere, the door is 300 feet away : )

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