Friday, October 27, 2017

Well, I pretty much let them have it last night and going on into today.
I got stuck in Ohio overnight, which meant not getting home today and then finding
out that instead of dropping the load at the yard, I have to take it clear down to Hattiesburg.
I drove almost 700 miles today to try and get this stuff done so I can actually make it home tomorrow.  I''m 244 miles from there, drove out all my hours to get as far as I could, including driving 4 hours in pounding rain with stupid drivers who haven't got a clue. 

I swear.  Some of these people out there. I got stuck behind a driver in the passing lane who was just hanging out there - for at least 30 miles.  I couldn't get past him.  Well, I finally did get a break and passed him on the right. There were cars lined up so far behind me I couldn't see the end of it because of this person.  Then, later on, I got stuck behind yet another one of these. When an opportunity finally availed itself, this jackass sped up, of course, to try and stop me from passing.  But by then, I was clear of Memphis traffic and it didn't matter anymore.  He eventually fell back behind me - yes, still in the passing lane. 

It's 100 miles from Hattiesburg to the yard, 247 miles to home from the yard.  That's a total of 591 miles I have to drive tomorrow to get home.  Is it possible in 11 hours? Yes.  Will it happen? No clue.  If traffic is good and no slow downs, I'll get home.  If there is any kind of back up that takes an hour or more, probably not.  then I will be fuming mad.  I mean, I will be making even more phone calls.  And demanding time off during the week.  If they fuss about it, I'll drive that truck back to their yard and they can have it.  I'm at the end of this, I've had enough.

Anyway, the deal with home time turns out to be that neither the owner of the company nor the recruiter ever let dispatch department know about my desires.  I talked at length with my dispatcher today about it, this thing went the rounds over there.  My letter to the owner of the company and my rather turbulent  and long text messages to the dispatcher resulted in promises.  That is, "we have 8 loads a day, at least, going to Lufkin". We can't get you home every night, but we can definitely get you home several nights a week. We didn't shit about this and that is squarely on the feet of the owner and the orientation dude. 

I have written Mr. Orientation.  I'm not gonna dump on him too bad though. His mom just died and they doctors are telling him "something is wrong with his pancreas", but they won't identify it until they get all their tests done.  I feel bad for him. Pancreas problems are no laughing matter. 

Anyway, I have these promises but yet, I face tomorrow wondering if I'll even get home on Saturday.  I'ma try real hard, I can tell ya that.  Time to go to bed, get up at 4 am and finish this drive to Hattiesburgh.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...