Thursday, November 2, 2017

And sure enough, I made it home tonight.  I don't expect more than the 10 hour break, that's fine.  I pushed it to get here tho.  Too many obstacles seem to get in the way more often than not in attempting to get some intended schedule accomplished.

The funniest thing was this plant manager this morning.  Didn't actually slow me down from doing anything, but she apparently had a melt down that I was parked - where all the rest of the trucks are parked - but sleeping there.  Hey lady?!! Do you have the same disdain for the product we are bringing you that keeps your plant running?  Cause without it, this plant shuts down!

I don't get the hatred fro trucks.  Never have. Yes, they can be slow. Yes, they get in your damned way. Yes they have to do things in traffic that car drivers think is outrageous.  But I don't see anyone complaining about full grocery stores, Walmarts, Home Depots, etc etc etc ad infinitum.  I really would love to see the entire trucking industry shut down for about 4 days.  That would be long enough to disrupt the wheels of the economy to the point of near chaos in the public sector.  This nation simply doesn't work without trucks and people to drive them.

And the thing is, because so many places don't want trucks there - except of course to make deliveries - and so many communities all over the nation have extreme restrictions on where trucks can park, the truck stops are always full.  Any truck stop at this time of night is going to be filled to the brim. This is why you see trucks parked on the on ramps to highways, they couldn't find anywhere else to park.

I was taken by surprise coming into the truckstop where I park my truck to come home tonight. It was full. This is a dirt lot, full of holes and gaps where the dirt is gone and you are bouncing all over the place.  Yet, it is a place to park.  There is no asphalt, there are no lines for parking, it's just a s***hole.  BUT, it's a place to park, and when you are tired and your work day is over, you don't want ot spend a bunch of time looking for a parking space.

But I need to drive my car around this coming weekend - providing I actually get the entire weekend - and see if I can find anywhere where I can park the truck or go in and ask if I can park it there.  Or even find a place where I can park my car so I don't have to call Donny to come get me.

Anyway, the last 100 miles was pouring rain.  In and of it self, not a big deal. But because people freak out and have no idea how to drive in the rain, it escalates it to challenging driving conditions. People only really need to understand: slippery when wet, longer braking distance and most importantly: Hydroplaining.  You can always tell, hard to describe but yes, trucks can hydroplane as much as small cars. Weight doesn't affect that.  Just let off the accelerator.

Okay exhaustion just set in.  I was up driving until 2:00 am last night and now it's hitting me.

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