Friday, November 10, 2017

Lovely day.
Got up at 5:08 am, got my shower, coffee, dogs outside, back in, left. 
Got to the place and they were - closed.  I almost just turned around and drove home.
Now? I wish I would have.
We were informed that if we were there later than 6:30, the class starts and they won't let you in.
I sat across the road - they have gates from letting any vehicles in there at night.
A vehicle shows up at 6:25 am, opens up the gates and away we go.

At 7:00 am, all 5 of us in that class got the privilege of listening to a man sitting in the front left corner of the classroom, talking in a very slow, monotone voice.  We listened to that for - 5 hours.  One guy fell asleep, replete with snoring.  Cellphones weren't just banned from the classroom, they were banned from the building.  I can understand why.  I would have been fiddling with mine off and on throughout that presentation.

95% of what was taught had absolutely nothing to do with what we were there for. It was called "Basic Plus" and it's a generic safety course that covers everything under sun, moon and stars.  There was a 50 question test after those 5 hours, I passed that and then went on to the next thing we had to do.

The next thing is a training course to be able to get a pass to get into a place called the Cheneire Sabine Pass terminal in Louisiana.  This was a 2 hour and 45 minute, pre recorded presentation with fully 288 pages that it automatically clicked to after finishing a page.  The presentation was like listening to the 5 hour presentation at the first class.  In all, I spent 9 hours there, learned everything about how Cheneire wants things done at their plant - such as digging trenches, locking out, etc etc etc.  Passed those question, got my tag and got out of there.

Getting on my cellphone, there must have been 20 text messages.  Donny and Rene. Both trying to get a hold of me: don't leave Longview!  I/Donny is in the hospital, being transported to Longview.  He would have no ride home and wanted me to stick around to give him one.  Which I would have done, of course, but after calling him, crisis averted.  He choked on a piece of chicken, finally had it pass and didn't need any further assistance. 

Well I'm burnt out.  11 hours of driving on the road has nothing over attempting to sit through all of this.  Just drains you dry of energy or even motivation. Like, go home, sit down and do nothing.  There was supposed to be 3 of us there, but 1 was a no show. The other dude, after the 5 hour stint, went out to lunch, You want to go? No thanks, I want to get this over with!  Yup, he got back well after I was into this nonsense and he obviously was there well after I was gone.  Nice guy though. Undoubtedly see him in Amarillo.

Well. I would say that I have tomorrow to recoup from this week, but I don't.  I have to replace brake pads on the car.  House work.  Laundry.  Whatever else.  Not really thinking about it right now. And, I didn't get a paycheck deposited in my account today.  I will guess that means they are sending me a paper check.  Don't care, really, but let's not play games here.  I haven't been out to the mailbox now that i think of it and I doubt Donny has been out there since Rene left, either.  Probably wouldn't show up until next week if that's how they're doing it.

Too tired to do any more of this today.

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