Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving to whoever is left that reads this journal.
I wasn't going to do anything today, but growing stir crazy, I decided to start raking the back yard.
Tons of leaves. Leaves, leaves, leaves everywhere.  I started a burn pile - of which I had to obtain a permit for - and began burning those babies.  I rake a 1/4 of the yard to the burn pile, the rest of what I got done I put in a kiddie pool and made numerous trips. 

I did the last trip about 15 minutes ago, I'm done with that for today. 3/4's or more of the yard done.  I would have left it until the trees completely shed themselves, but the dog poop is under it and festering with flies, couldn't just leave it like that and doubt I will have a lot of time to do much of anything if/when I actually get a truck to start driving. 

I was amazed to hear yesterday around 5:00 pm that they still hadn't found any trucks for us.  I was informed that a conference call of senior management concluded that us 3 new drivers would be disappointed in being put in the old trucks at the place 400 miles from here.When my manager said that I just didn't really think about it. They had made their decision, it's whatever.  After we had talked awhile and gotten off the phone, she texted me a pic of a page of a safety workshop they want us 3 to do on Friday - it's  a pretty short thing but it will get us paid for the entire day, which was the goal.

But I started thinking about the old trucks.  Well, who cares?  I texted her back.  I don't really care if you put me in an old truck, as long as it isn't forever and as long as it hasn't been smoked in and it is cleaned out.  I'll even take a Greyhound bus to go get it. Okay, I gagged on that one while typing it, but seriously, let's get this going.  She wrote back, "Awe thanks" and "I will tell Jay you said so".  No clue who Jay is, didn't ask.  Some manager somewhere, undoubtedly.  I would rather see tomorrow/Friday converted from yet another safety module to "we are sending you to (wherever) to get one of those old trucks". 

I did say to her that I wasn't speaking for those other 2 drivers, at all. I just want to get this thing going.  I am just still amazed that they still haven't figured this out.  Oh, and we were initially told that those trucks 400 miles away were the new trucks, not some old things.  The new trucks, Ann my manager had no idea where they are or when they are actually going to arrive.  So, that's where it was left at.  Happy Thanksgiving wishes and texting ended. 

And in reality, I could not work for the rest of my life and be very happy about it, lol, but I'm not where near in the position to retire.  Which isn't really a good position to be in at the age of 53. If I could save half my yearly income for the next 10 years and invest it and get return and interest I might be able to say something differently.  And I know so many people that are my age and already done with work for the rest of their lives.  Just makes me feel bad about some of my life's decisions.  Like, things I could have done long ago and I would be in a very much better position right now. 

Ignoring everything else, if they don't find trucks for us to go get or send me for one of the old ones or whatever tomorrow, I'm going to do the online safety thing and at least get paid for the day. 

Well that's it. Almost 10:00 pm.  I figure to go to bed earlier tonight versus other nights going to bed at midnight.  Just in case something happens and I end up needing to travel somewhere. 

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