Friday, November 24, 2017

This will be a short entry.
It's been a week since we left orientation.
They've known much longer than that that we needed trucks.
Christmas is coming up.
Pretty much guaranteed that, since we aren't driving and the first paycheck from them
was minimal and certainly nothing going here to suggest it will be any better the next
one, that if I really want to buy just a few individuals on my list some presents? It will
have to go on credit cards. 
I'm not there yet. 

It's not December, but this company pays biweekly. Just got paid midnite, so there is only
2 more checks before Christmas.

I know, it doesn't mean that much to a lot of people anymore, that's fine for you. For my son,
his new wife, my mom and a couple of other people, including those that live here, I would
like to get them something. Doesn't mean high dollar stuff, but when you are battling with
monthly expenses, it's kinda tough to look at what you have now and see that you are going
to have anything a month from now. 

I got paid for a full day Monday and today. There are 3 days I got nothing for.  So add that up
and you can figure why I am yet once again stressing over finances. 

Yup, I"m going to get a small Christmas tree. No, I don't think I need any lights or anything,
should be good in that department. 

I just don't understand these people.  How could they possibly have screwed up something like
this?  And I even offered without reservation excepting that the truck can't have been smoked in to
take an old truck, send me on a Greyhound bus, I'll go get it.

I'm going through a particularly bad season of life right now.  Seems like everything I touch
turns to s***.

I have no idea what to do now.  I'm pretty much lost at this point. 

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