Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Belated Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Post - didn't post.  Oh well.
Starting a new one.
Well Merry late Christmas!!
So, well Christmas was great.  We had a smoked Rib Roast, some potatoes, salad and chocolate cream pie.  Great day, really.

But, I had to get up early to be at the yard early to get to the plant - early - to - drive all day long.  Story of my life.  562 miles one way, 562 miles back. Add onto it the trip to get food after I got to Brownsville. That is a drop and hook thing, you take a loaded trailer down there, you pick up an empty.  This time, there were 2 empties there. One of our other drivers - no idea who- was backed into a corner in the tractor only, not hooked up to either trailer.  Guessing those trailers came in after that person went to bed. 

I was actually kinda let down when I saw those empties there. I was really looking forward to another one of those deals like the trip I made to South Carolina where I had to wait overnight and got a hotel room.  I can justify a hotel room if I'm making $500 just waiting there for a trailer.  Oh yes, I can and will.  But, I got up at 7:00 am after 10 hour mandatory break, got on the road and got back here.

However.  I was informed that I needed to be on the scale at 7:30 am.  I have no qualms with my new manager, but obviously she is taking advantage of the "new guy".  I can say that because that isn't happening with anyone else except the other new drivers.  They get at least a day off in  between loads, unless there are hot loads that have to be taken and us newbies aren't available. 

Well I'm supposed to be in bed by now, but, I can't just come home, eat, say hi and go to sleep an hour later.  I guess I could, but after being out on the road, I want to relax, get on the computer,  check things out inside of a bedroom, not the inside of a sleeper. 

It doesn't matter, really. Tomorrow is a shorter run. It's less than 6 hour drive and doesn't have to be at the plant until Thursday morning. If I get tired while driving, I have ample time to pull over, take a half hour nap and move on.  I sometimes do that, too, if time permits.  The place I"m going to tomorrow is notorious for taking it's sweet old time unloading. Like 6 hours minimum.  I'm hoping to make it home Thursday night, but if they take too long, it will be moved to Friday morning. I"d like at least a day off after this next trip, but, I won't refuse whatever they/Ann asks me to do.  You don't make points by telling them no. 

I found out after getting there last time that the plant I am going to tomorrow has a restaurant right across the street from the entrance and yes, they encourage you to go over there and eat. This particular plant also doesn't make you get out of your truck.  Meaning if you are tired, you can just sleep. I can get out my computer and do my thing.  I can leave the property altogether and do whatever - within walking distance.

Lol, small town. Barnsdall, Oklahoma.  I believe it's on or near Indian reservation.  Whatever the case, obviously this plant is the town's livelihood.  It makes wax products and the stuff I haul is an intricate part of wax making.  I'm prepared for the long wait now that I know about it - nice if they at least told us newbies about stuff like this in advance.  I am hoping it doesn't take more than 6  hours or it will be another night sleeping on the road somewhere on the way back. Not the end of the world, I suppose, but home time is precious to me.  Vacations - another story. Then I don't want to be home, but driving for a living is not a vacation. 

Anyway, I'll get there early tomorrow. I'd come home several hours but I can't bring the trailer home and now way in hell am I leaving a trailer with that stuff anywhere but perhaps at the yard. 

Well, the tired buzz is catching up to me.  I could go on other topics but, not today. 

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...