Friday, January 5, 2018

I'm at a hotel in a town, if you can call it that, named "Tunkhannock", in Pennsylvania.

The situation started today with a known fact: a blizzard or blizzard like conditions are coming, will be here by morning.  I got up this morning at the Love's Travel Center in Canaan, New York and there was nothing besides the snow already on the ground from a previous storm, that I did not and did not want to partake of.

I got the truck fueled up, got on the road. 10 miles up, light snow. A few more miles - heavier and then - driving snow.  But it had just started so the roads were still decent.  But, by the time I got up to Amherst, it was a full fledged snow storm, roads were covered with snow, people were driving 10 miles an cause' they have no clue and I was pushing an appointment time.

Got there on time tho.  Stood outside for an hour and a half making the delivery, got out of there and knew the roads were going to be bad.  It had been snowing sideways for hours now, the snow was filling in our footsteps shortly after we imprinted them into it. 

Miserable driving conditions. That's what I will call that.  I mean, you couldn't see asphalt.  Snow plows weren't keeping up with it and people were literally stopping their vehicles in the middle of the Interstate.  Now why the hell would you go do something as stupid as that?  Cause they were terrified, that's why. It was an intense storm and driving in it was no fun. It took 2-1/2 hours to go 70 miles. 

I got back to the loves, fueled up again and got down the road.  When I got to 87, the roads were "clear", a heckuva lot better than what was on the Massachusetts Turnpike. I amped up the speed, let's get this over with.  Cruised on over here - here being a small town in PA - and started looking for a place to park.  Found a couple, but I thought, I'm going to have a 17 hour layover, I'm getting myself a hotel.  After 5 days of this nonsense, I was ready to get out of the cold, get into a nice room and just relax in a comfortable bed.  I got a deal at $60.  This whole wing of this old hotel is brand new.  New furniture, new carpet, new everything.  Stupid people that trash out hotel rooms haven't been in this one - yet.

Well, it's still an hour and 40 minutes until i have to be at the plant to load up with methane.  There's a restaurant 500 feet away, I'm contemplating whether to brave the 4 degree temps and the bone chilling wind to go get a cup and maybe a couple of eggs or something.

Well, that's it for this one. I'ma enjoy the rest of my time here. 

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