Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Finally Home

After 4 days, I'm finally home from this trip.
A lot of thoughts going through my head.
About this job, that is.  Politics and current news is another big thing that I focus on.

I was talking with the lady that also went up to Pennsylvania a while back, she was wondering why I don't just get my own truck and lease it out to them?  I have never owned my own truck.  I have heard good and bad about it.  I will think about it for a while, check into it, look at info on the trucker's boards about it and make a decision.

Meanwhile, my company actually pays for breakdown pay.  That's $22 per hour for every hour from the time the truck breaks down until the time you get in it to drive it again.  I didn't know that until yesterday.  That sheds a bit different light on all of these breakdowns.  But I can tell ya, being stuck on the side of the road isn't fun, at all.  And driving a truck that you don't know when it might break down again? Pretty much sucks. I drove that thing all the way back yesterday and today wondering if the thing was going to give up the ghost yet again.

I had given a little thought to owning my own truck after spending an afternoon stuck with another driver from the company at a plant who was in his own truck.  He makes a lot of money - but he's out on the road a lot more than I want to be. But, I have been out on the road as much as anyone there in the last several weeks.  Well, nothing I'm going to jump on.  I'll take my time and look into it.

There are a couple of pressing things, at least for me, tho that I need to deal with.  I can't be eating this road food all the time. It's just ballooning me.  You see fat truck drivers? It's cause they don't get exercise and they are eating the food you get at truckstops. Think Arby's, Wendy's, Carl's Junior, McDonald's, etc.  Subway is the only "good" thing out there.

I can load a refrigerator up with healthier food. Yogurt, zero percent fat milk, lunch meats and bread.  Left overs if I figure out a way to shove a microwave in that truck.  Or even eating cold leftovers never really bothered me.  Especially when it's right there. I dread the instances where I have to choose food from a truckstop. I opt for these bread and meat and cheese pre made sandwiches. At least they aren't laden with fat and grease.  But, yeah, I need a refrigerator in there and since I can't put the kind I want in there, I'm going to have to buy the cooler type.

You know, an ice chest you take on camping trips? Except these have a refrigeration unit. I've been looking at them.  The better ones are kinda pricey, but they keep the food colder and they are iceless.  I'm still on the fence about all of this, but I need to make changes for my health's sake pretty quick. I'd also like a truck version of a coffee maker.  Tho I really don't mind paying for coffee at a truckstop, it's hit and miss. Some places have excellent coffee, some places have really disgusting coffee that is gross. Some places don't change out the coffee if it gets old and even if it was good when it was first made, it turned disgusting over time.

But see, this truck. It keeps breaking down.  Are they going to see the reality of this situation and get me a decent running truck? Or keep me stuck in this thing.  Cause this is kind of a custom deal, you buy stuff that is specific for the truck you want it in.


Okay. I just talked to the only lady driver in our division. Apparently our manager got into a car accident today. It's been raining for days now.  Her pickup hydroplaned, the rear end of it lost traction, spun around, slid of the road and slammed into a tree, replete with kids present in the vehicle.  Luckily, no one was hurt. 

Whatever the case, I'm tired, a bit burnt out, and I have a lot I want to try and get done tomorrow.  Time for sleep on my brand new bed : )

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