Friday, August 24, 2018

Well.  I'm sitting here today thinking, I'm prolly gonna get sent out somewhere tomorrow.  Dunno where, but it will happen.

Manager calls 10 minutes later.  "How early do you think you can leave out of here?".  Huh.  "What do you mean?"  She explains the situation.  Plant in mexico needs Ethylene - now.  Well, you know, as soon as we can get it there.  She tells them we don't have a trailer that can go down there.  We'd have to go down there, pick one up and bring it back up here to load it.

Well we need that.  Lol.  I'm informed that I would have to have an empty back to the yard by noon Sunday.  Now, I would have "thought" about leaving "now" but I was in the middle of things.  I don't just get up and leave in the afternoon unless I am really not doing anything.  Their emergency - that plant's - isn't necessarily mine. I'll do what I can to make it happen, but I have a life, too.

I just agreed to it.  She asks me if I can do it, I'm asking her when I would have to leave.  "Well you're the truck driver, lol, I don't figure that stuff out".  She didn't say that in a mean way or anything, I can figure it out, I was just not in that mindset at the time.  Well, I got into that mindset quickly and figured I would have to leave the yard between 3 and 4 am to get down there in time, take the 10 hour reset and get back up - driving a lot of night hours in the process.

Now I did say the other day that I kinda of like the night hours. I do.  But it really has to work out for me.  Well rested, not in dire need of sleep, not fighting to stay awake. That's not a given on any particular day. 

I'll be going to bed soon - it's only 8:15 pm but to get any kind of sleep, yes, I'll have to go to sleep early. Like in half an hour.  I need to wind down after the fiasco that just took place and God only knows what's going to happen over there tonight.

See, i was in the pool messing around. I put the phone on a stand next to the pool just in case, but it's certainly not any priority in my life to have a phone with me at all times.  I don't normally even have the ringer on, I miss a lot of phone calls.  Kind of like tv, I like it but I don't have to have it 24 hours a day.  Or even half of that. Or even half of half of that. It does entertain me on the road tho. 

Anyway, I saw Donny's truck passing by a narrow window on the side of the house.  Hmm, was Rene coming over? I asked Taylor and James, also in the pool.  Not that we know of.  That's when the thought hit me to look at my phone, so I did. 4 texts from Rene, claiming Donny had "attacked" her and she is bloody and all kinds of crap. I lived with these 2 for 2 years, I know what really goes on.

It was Donny.  Opposite story.  Rene claimed he was drunk. I could tel he wasn't. I know when Donny has been drinking excessively, this wasn't it.  Neither of them have "lives" to speak of, not dissing them or saying they are wastes of space, just how it is.  They are existing.  I live with the people I am living with because I don't want to just exist.  I also have plans.  They may or may not happen, but they are things I am trying to attain regardless. 

This was a he said, she said thing but it was vicious coming from both sides. Likely they got into a heated argument and all hell broke loose, they are both guilty.  They are compatible until - whatever sets one of them off, usually her. She is very unstable, has a lot of junk she is going through physically and facing surgery this coming week.  Their lives are nothing of what I envision at that age and I hope it never comes to it.

But in my mind?  It has come to the point that I believe one of them needs to leave.  Rene loves my dogs, she takes care of them while over there.  But that isn't a reason to keep her there.  Donny will take care of the dogs, just not his first choice.  But he would take care of them, he has several times in the past.  Yes, for me that is a factor considering that place is in my name and I pay $200 per month towards bills over there for the help and I help them out a lot regardless. 

So what needs to happen? I just think it's time one of them left.  Knowing Rene, getting another roommate in there would likely be hell for that roommate.  I don't think she truly understands how well she has it.  She hates men - she's stated that at least 10 times since I met her.  Bad child hood. She needs therapy.  I can't talk her into it, I've tried. Donny is no saint, but he knows when to shut up, not to push the buttons. 

Well whatever. I'm not even going to reply to her tonight. I have at least 17 text messages from her that I have yet to respond to.  Tomorrow, while I'm on the road, I will. Tonight, no thanks. I have to get up very early and I don't need this kind of irritation going on right before I go to bed.  I won't sleep worth a shit. I may not anyway but I'm not going to knowingly engage in something that will definitely mess with my sleep.

That's it. I'm getting up at 3 am, get the show on the road, My dogs will still go over there, hopefully not going to need to talk to anyone but if I do, I'm just going to say I need to get going, we need to discuss this all 3 of us when I get back. And getting back will be Sunday and I won't be in the mood for it. Monday I'm out again, back down to Brownsville.  So, this discussion wll have to take place text messaging if it must.  I don't know where she thinks she's going to go, tho, after having surgery? 

Enough. I'm winding down, time to get thinking about sleepy time, going to literally put this out of my mind. Yes, I can do that. Not worth going into the reasons why I can do that, I just can.

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