Thursday, October 18, 2018

Day 3 of diet.
Rather spartan breakfast considering 2 very tiny pancakes made out of well I dunno what they are made out of. They were good, but tiny and a couple pieces of bacon.  Oh and  a cup of coffee is allowed. Actually I couple probably drink as much coffee as I want, but I have been slowly scaling back on that in the last couple of months.  Not a diet thing, just trying to cut back to a moderate amount.  I get into this phase where I"m drinking 3 pots of coffee a day and that's just too much.  I'm down to 2 sometimes 3 cups a day which isn't even a pot of coffee.

Of course, i didn't say anything about quitting coffee altogether lol.

I weighed myself pre diet, I figure I'll weigh again after 7 days and see if there is any change.  Everyone that has done this diet say they have lost at least 5 pounds the first week.  I guess that's nice but to lose 35 pounds is going to take an extended period of time, it doesn't happen overnight and I don't have the mindset that it is going to happen quickly  We can talk about that in 6 months if we're still doing it.  I can foresee some "failings" at Thanksgiving and whenever I go back to Phoenix, I'm just going to put the diet on the shelf for those 2 things and not feel bad about it at all.

I have to say that I kind of threw Taylor for a loop when I started talking about the need to buy new clothing.  She's like, wait I didn't think about that!  Meh, she undoubtedly has clothing from the past when she was thinner.  I should have kept my mouth shut, lol, but I was thinking out loud.  I want to get back down to 32 waist as I had all of my adult life until this fat started piling on. I'm in 35's right now.

No smoked meats for a while.  Not even any point to cooking that much meat, this isn't really a protein diet, it's a mostly fat diet with some protein and almost no carbs.  Unfortunately, Taylor is having a problem staying away from the soda.  She had one the first night.  I didn't want to "lecture" her, but to get into ketosis carbs must be kept at a bare minimum. An entire soda probably will throw that off. Like 25 carbs in a can, that's too much.


Okay, trip to Walmart.  This house has no blender and several recipes are calling for a blender.  You can improvise without one, but why bother.  You can get a blender for $30.  Got ingredients to make smoothies - like very low carb versions of maybe around 3 to 5 carbs worth.  Do one of those here and there.  And some detox tea since I haven't really detoxed in a long time.

Oh and rye grass seed cause it is on sale and there are bald patches where grass should be growing.  It's the time of year to plant that kind of grass anyway.

Ok, this diet is a bit time consuming cooking these dishes.  Tomorrow won't be any better cooking for tomorrow's meal and likely making Friday dinner in advance.  Oh and Friday lunch.

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered a low priced greenhouse that had rave reviews.  It comes ready to put up and not needing a lot of set up time.  It will be a place to hang out for me anyway and enough room for dogs to be in there as well plus a lot of potted plants and of course the pond.  Minimal outlay for enjoyable relaxing.  I don't want to spend too much money on stuff here, but I will spend some for the things I like as along as it's agreeable with them, which they have no problem with it. The back yard is in a shambles.  It's way too time consuming to continuously rake it up.  Acorns, leaves, dead branches, gumballs (round things that have spikes in them), the junk falls year round, constantly.  The kicker is that none of those trees are on their property, it's all neighbors trees.

I suppose they could get a tree person to cut the limbs back that are hanging over their property but that would cost a fortune. These trees are 75 to 100 feet tall.  I love trees, not in love with these particular variety of trees.  I'd much rather have to deal with pine needles and pine cones than all of this nonsense.  Anyway I won't have to deal with all that junk falling into the pond for fall and winter, as I'm putting the thing up as soon as it comes in - and I have at least a day off to do it with.

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