Thursday, October 25, 2018

Since I was asked, the reason I need my birth certificate is for future reference only. I just want to find it and get it in a place where I know where it will be.  If I needed it right now for some reason?  I'd have no clue.  But basically, the only foreseeable need I have for it is to renew my CDL, possibly my concealed carry permit, that's years off from now.  It's still annoying me that I lost it - or put it somewhere I can't find it - and can't find it even after spending a couple of hours now digging through all kinds of stuff looking for it.

So now, I'm just getting rid of old papers that I no longer need. Actually, I'm putting them in a plastic bag and will use it to help start fires.  We don't get a newspaper here, starting fires is kind of an ordeal without paper or cardboard.  Everything is wet, twigs, branches, the actual split wood. Getting one going is pretty difficult without paper.

Diet day 11.  At 220 this morning. Weight fluctuating all over the place, but coming up to nowhere near what it was when I first started this at almost 227 pounds.  I really need to go into full ketosis - it gets up to mid level and fluctuate down from there during the day. I'm not going to concern myself with the lack of full ketosis yet.  There's a lot of material on the web about this type of diet and I've been reading through alot of it.  No one expects to lose 30 plus pounds overnight or even in a month, as long as it's going down even a little I'm good with it. 

Today I got up early.  I've been off work for quite a while now.  It was a welcome vacation even if I've done much of nothing - mostly due to the fact that I've had little energy. That seems to be coming back, which is a good thing because I fully expect to go back to work on Saturday and I really need it to be a longer run to help offset what I've lost in this time off. 

My searches for cheap airfare to go home for a couple of days resulted in the cheapest airfare being around $450.  It didn't seem worth that much money for a few days worth of travel plus all the other expenses that would have been involved, so I decided to start looking around Thanksgiving time.  Very good pricing still available, I'm asking my manager if I can get some time off.  Not that I want to lose even more time, but I need to see mom and my son.  Visit some friends, look at the house, maybe some other things I have in mind. 

Meanwhile, a trip to Walmart is in order. I have old pics that mom gave me of dogs and me and various things from childhood.  I want to get picture books to preserve them in. They're still in great shape, thankfully, I was a bit errant and lazy on dealing with them when I first got them. Irreplaceable.  A few of them of a dog I had way back when named Jethro.  He was a cool doggy.  Not a Great Dane, I forget what his breed was, gonna have to think about that a minute, I got him from a friend that had a female that had lots of puppies. 

And Rene's coffee maker broke. I don't mind helping her here and there.  She lives on a fixed income and it's not very much money.  She pays her rent faithfully at least.  But little things like a coffee maker? She doesn't have money to replace that.  I can get on for less than $20 at Walmart.  I need more dog food as well. It used to be I could get a better price on automatic shipments through Chewy or Petco, but that price keeps going up and up, a little more than Walmart now. 

 I've been reading how to heat a greenhouse during the winter. I don't want to use electricity, we're not talking heating as in 70 degrees at night, just enough to keep any plants alive and certainly from freezing over.  There's a few ideas I will be incorporating such as barrels of water that absorb heat during the day and give it off during the night.  And bubble wrap apparently helps. Just line the inside of the walls of the green house.  I actually have a huge roll of that as it stands. 

Actually there are fuel heaters that would be nice, but this greenhouse is a temporary type of structure, not a permanent one. There are also solar heaters and underground natural heaters. All nice and fine but that's a project I would love to do if I ever get acreage somewhere and have the room to build a larger, permanent version and can build a pond environment inside of it along with all kinds of flowers and shrubs, maybe even vegetable plants. 

Things that cross my mind and stick to it.  Lol.

Decided to get up early today. 6:30 isn't that early to some people, however, work is looming and I will likely be getting up early for it and up all day long. 

Welll, the day isn't getting any younger.  A final cup of Keurig's - was drinking McDonald's version this morning - and then off to Walmart.

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