Tuesday, January 9, 2018

So. I let the text from my manager go.  Didn't reply with anything, I just figured I would wait this out.  So, sometimes I write out my thoughts here, not anything I actually said to anyone.  Well today, I find out her best friend from child hood passed away. The 2 were, as explained to me, very close.  So that explains her not responding to me yesterday.  I wouldn't want to deal with work, either, in such circumstances.  I wrote her a text expressing my condolences and then she wrote back a thank you for that immediately.

Oh, I found that out from my new buddy in this company: a 60 something year old lady that has a great sense of humor. We hit it off the first time we met.  She's married, lol, we're just friends.  We talk on the phone every day tho, since I came up here. 

Anyway, I got a text from the manager up here.  Uhh, he wanted to know when I would be back at the plant in PA?  I replied I'm guessing around 4:30.  Much longer than it should take, but the mountains here slow you down and the speed limits aren't that great either.  Cops everywhere, not worth the risk.  I then gave im a reminded about my 2 weeks being up as of Saturday.  He asked if I would stay longer or no?  I gave him my version of a story - a true story - and said I couldn't stay out any later than Saturday.  He said cool, he'll work on getting me home. 

I don't live in Pennsylvania.  I agreed to being out up to 2 weeks at a time with this job, that is in writing, when I started.  I agreed to 2 weeks up here. It's going to be over as of Saturday. 

And let me say something here, this situation up here? Misrepresented.  There are no babies, children or older folks that are going to freeze to death up here if we didn't come and help.  This is what got me going in the first place.  I have the text, it says that.  When I got up here, I find out it's a huge university.  Yes, it's colder than frostbite up here.  But, there aren't any babies, children or senior citizens at this university. Well there may be some older folks, who knows. But, it's the holidays, the students aren't even here

The lady driver has been working at the company for 6 years.  She is going home as well. We were really only brought up here to deal with this unbelievably cold weather.  The minus zero stuff.  That was causing them to need to take up 4 loads per day, they didn't have enough drivers to cover that.  Well, the temps now came up to the 30's range and the orders for the fuel have gone down to 2 load per day, with the demand for Friday down to 1 load. 

Anyway, that's that.  I have no qualms telling anyone that I want to go home. Yes I miss my dogs. I miss my bed. I miss my home surrounding.  I don't  care if anyone else doesn't like this, I'll my life the way I want to live it.  I'm currently living in this little box.  It's old. It needs a complete cleaning. The carpet is dirty.  I don't even have a freaking blanket.  Somebody was smoking in this one, too. Not near as bad as that other truck, but it still smells in here.  And tomorrow, I"m up at the plant at 5 am, but the delivery isn't until 9:00 am the next morning.  I'm calculating 21 hours of sitting around in a truck waiting to make a delivery. 

Walk a mile in another man's shoes.....

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