Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm finally home. Uneventful trip, besides the huge line at security checkpoint to get to the airport's gates.  That was utterly ridiculous.  I showed up early, thank goodness, because I didn't want to get caught up in any snafus.  The potential was the rental car company - but they dealt with that in short order and got me on a shuttle quickly.  Second could have been checking in baggage - and I ended up having to shell out yet another $60 to have my bags checked, but I'm going to turn that into the company for reimbursement.  Now THAT line - to use all of those kiosks - took quite a while. There were literally a hundred people in there at least waiting to use one.

And it becomes obvious that people aren't adept at using those things, so each person or group of people takes longer than it should.  Tho I'm not faulting those people. Not to mention there are endless screens you have to scroll through to actually get your boarding passes and get your tags for your luggage.  The only kind thing I have to say about it is, it gave me an option to change my seating.  They had me set up to sit in the middle again, and I was not doing that even if I had to pay to get a window or aisle seat.  Well, turns out, there were plenty of window seats available - for free - so I changed that.

But after that? The security line. We were in it so long I became friends with a complete stranger haha.  We talked about our companies, what we're doing there, etc.  They had a beautiful doggy going around in circles sniffing people for drugs, I am assuming.  Or bombs? I have no idea.  It stopped and sniffed at me for a while, but I assume that's my dogs. I'm certainly not a drug user and have never had a bomb in my possession in my entire life - and don't plan on acquiring any.

After that was done, finally through all of that junk and waiting for the plane.  This was an Airbus. A big, long thing. Not the double decker, but much bigger than Boeing's 737.  I can't say that I had ever been on that kind of aircraft before and I can tell ya, I was much happier on it. There were 2 inches beyond my rather long legs that normally would have been cramped up in the seat in front of me on a 737.  That was a super nice benefit.  THIS time, I knew to download the app for free inflight movies - go-go something or another.  Quite a few movies on that list, too, it wasn't a short, limited list. I hadn't seen the newer version of Planet of the Apes, so I watched that one.


Much later. We have all decided to go to Chili's to watch the first half of the Steeler's game. I'm hoping they come out of the gate kicking @$$.  I'd really love to see them get another ring in their repetroire.

....well that didn't turn out so great. Perhaps next year.  Amazing the Steelers could have such a great record and then get their butts toasted by a team running for a wild card.  The way stuff goes in the playoffs.

Anyway, I"ve spent a wonderful day at home.  Slept in.  Got a lot of stuff done. Went to Chili's. Had an excellent, smoked steak dinner at home. Visiting with my doggies.  I hate to stay off the road too long, but I have to stay out until Tuesday when the banks and more importantly, the court house is open so I can go re-register my vehicles. Slip of the mind, saw it too late and right when I was leaving for PA.  I don't even know if there is a truck at the yard for me now. They took the rental truck back.  I'm going to get a bit tired of getting thrown around from one truck to another to another.

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...