Sunday, January 21, 2018

My 550 miles cashed and trashed. Meaning I got it over with.  Got up early - 5:15 - fueled the thing up and only stopped for mandatory 30 minute rest.  I was trying to get here as fast as possible to enjoy maximum time in this old motel.  Well hey, I didn't want to spend $100 on the hotel across the street, this was less than half that price.  And frankly, not bad!  44 inch flat screen TV with Direct TV, nice functioning AC/Heat unit (definitely heat at this time of year) fully ONE place to park a truck, a refrigerator, microwave, clean carpet, nice firm bed, funky bathroom haha but i can deal with that. 

In fact, the only thing that threw me off was the parking lot. It's a U shaped affair and I didn't see any place to park a truck contrary to their listing.  So I called.  I booked a room there but I don't see a place to park a truck?  Oh yes sir, right next to the dumpster.  Hey, if they want that big old thing in there, I don't care, but I was definitely asking first before pulling in there. 

Heck ya. I'm totally enjoying this room. It was $46 with tax lololol.  Watching the Jags V Patriots.  I'm afraid the Patriots are going to make a come back and win this one. They seem to do that a lot.  Next up after this one, Vikings v Eagles.  I'll root for Eagls.  Not a Vikings fan at all.

Anyway, I've got some decisions to make.  I want my new bed.  My mom gave me a $300 check at Christmas and I"m going to spend all of that and then some on a new bed, not a used one.  Not even sure what to get.  I"ve never bought a new bed, but I hate bed bugs and just want something I know no one else has slept on. Not that that's a big deal.  Next, thinking about paying down my debt to the 30% mark. That's what they claim is the max amount you should have - before it dings your credit.  After that is just paying everything on time, or at least not letting it get past 30 days due.

I keep thinking about a newer vehicle, but I keep getting held back by this 90 day probation. It seems like it's taking forever.  And I dunno if they do some kind of evaluation at the end or what?  The only thing I've been told is "you're doing good" by my manager.  I'm just tired of driving this old car.  I'm going on 10 years in this thing now.  That's long enough.  The question is, save the money up and pay cash, or get into a loan?  Well, just something I'm pondering at the moment. 

At 5:00, get up, get out of here, get to the plant and - do my first Ethylene unload.  They're dumping me into it now that I got the initial learning experience under my belt.  "They're very helpful".  I hope so, but I have this in my memory now.  Hook up the 2 lines, build up the pressure to whatever they want it at, open the vapor valve slightly - they equalize it, close that and then open the fill valve all the way. Then they just let it go, you hear all this pressure go swooosh! into the truck's tank.  Then, open the vapor valve up all the way and stand there and keep the pressure up.  I think Ethylene is 60 pounds. The LNG was 40 pounds. 

I'm no longer fretting it.  It is what it is. They just tell you what to do, their only deal is they don't want to touch the truck. They don't want the liability.  And they don't want us touching their plant controls.  Which is fine by me, lol. 

Rene's birthday today. I sent her an Amazon gift card - but she didn't get it at first. Amazon is loaded with anything on earth you want to find, I don't think she realized that.  Took a while to work through that.  So I'm waiting to hear if she found something. \

Well, I'm just relaxing.  I've got 3 more luxurious hours to just sit here and vegetate, and then off to bed and then, off to the races tomorrow. Cause as soon as that truck is empty, Im right back on the road and getting as many drive hours as I can in to make sure I can get home by Tuesday night.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...