Thursday, February 8, 2018

Yes, I got the load to a place near Tulsa.  I fortunately didn't have time to stop and get "my" truck out of the shop. By the time I hit Tulsa, it was too late. Both the shop and the place to return the truck to close at 5, no way in 40 minutes I would have been able to get all of that done. Drop the trailer at the shop, get my stuff out of the tractor and into the other one, drive the tractor back to the rental place, have them check it out, sign off on it, get an Uber to take me back to repair shop, finish up and leave? Naaah.  So, I'm back at the hotel I was in last time I came up here, a Candlewood Suites place. Replete with a very nice Mexican food restaurant in front with excellent food and reasonable prices. 

I don't feel bad, at all, about another company paid hotel night, for all I've gone through being here, I'm fine with it.  I actually don't mind sleeping in that truck, it's the only good thing about it.  The engine runs all night long with that humming sound I am used to and the minor vibration just lulls me to sleep.  

Basically, the 10 new trucks was a fairy tale. Those trucks were given to teams.  I mean, we've been told since we started orientation, well no, even before that, that they were getting 10 new trucks.  So, no new trucks, stuck in this old thing with 500k miles, I consider them to have lied to me.  But, what trucking company doesn't.  They'll all say stuff to you to get you in there and then, boom.  Uhh, yea that's not going to happen.  Thanks.

I'm going to have to figure out if I can deck this old pile of trash out or just - what?  I have to do something with it.  

Well, it's not any better news for the other 2 new drivers.  They are gong to be dumped into someone else's old relics as well.  One of the trucks has a hole in the side of the sleeper.  I'm just confounded that a company with their reputation would be treating new drivers like this.  It's one thing to make promises you can't keep, it's another to not only not keep that promise but go to the entirely other end of the scale of it, in this case, not only not new trucks, but junk  trucks on top of that.  Stuff that was sitting in a yard somewhere, ready to be sold off at auction.  

Oh, I got a call from Marie tonight. She's the lady that went up to PA after I did.  We talked for over an hour on the phone.  She's really cool.  We went over everything. She was flabbergasted about our truck situation. You have to realize, all the drivers besides us new ones are driving newer Peterbilts in excellent condition.  

Ugh. I"m getting off of here. This kind of talk is depressing, think I'll focus on something else.  

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