Monday, February 12, 2018

 So now, I'm getting dumped into yet another truck.  This time, a rental another guy's been using.  Unlucky him, they are dumping him into an old truck that is like a piece of s*** as is the one I am currently driving.  That will make 5 trucks I have been in since starting this company, trust me, that is quite abnormal and quite unacceptable.   They really should have never put out any ads looking for new drivers, they weren't set up for it and almost 4 months later, they still aren't.  I'd go back into that day cab rental over this old heap of a rental that I'm going into today. 

The idea that any large trucking company is using old trucks......

Well, anyway, Ann called me  a little while ago with this news.  Joe is getting out of his rental and I would really appreciate it if you could come in and take it and a trailer over to the plant and get loaded.  Oh. That's it? Just load it?  Oh, no you take to the plant too.

I had to bite my tongue. I don't want to lash out, I really don't want to take it out on Ann anyway, really nice lady, but enough is enough.  All these other drivers are driving late model Peterbilts. I mean, within 2 years old, maybe 3 in some cases. 

I mean seriously, these woes started immediately after we got out orientation - they had no trucks available for us and couldn't find any rentals - and has continued on since then.  I really don't want to start looking for another job. It's such as pain in the @$$ to fill out all those applications, take phone calls, reply to emails, etc ad nauseum.  I have to weigh in my mind whether driving  in these old, junk trucks is any worse than going through yet another employment process.  Number of companies I have been working at in a short period of time be damned.  There is a shortage of drivers, companies are upping their pay scale to attract new drivers and increasing benefits.

Whatever.  I'll have 3 days on the road to think about it, I figure that's what this run is going to take in terms of time on the road.  2 nights, 3 days.  At least I'll get some miles in if nothing else. 

Oh well.  Off to the races. 

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...