Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lol. I finally get to leave Amarillo this morning.  I mean, they had the trailer done last night but I don't need to drive all night to get back for nothing. No loads available, don't want any anyway.  I've done 4 in a row, a day off is fine by me, tho I didn't ask for it. 

I got 21 miles down the road this morning before stopping for a coffee. Just, in and out.  I need my coffee, I can tell ya that. Life long habit, not getting rid of it.  I made a very wide, sweeping turn to get into the truck parking lot, halfway through it I heard this loud popping noise.  No clue, finished the turn, got out of the truck, didn't find anything right off the bat that was obvious.

Went and got my coffee, got back in the truck and noticed my running lights weren't on on the trailer.  Popping noise came to mind, got out and started more closely inspecting things.  I was looking at the pigtail line, and finally saw that the wires had all pulled out of the connector to the trailer.  More inspection revealed the way they have this truck set up, the trailer nose better be close to the back of the truck cause if not? Well, yeah.

Nothing I could do about it, definitely not my fault.  I should be able to get the truck in an L configuration without the lines pulling out.  I mean, I didn't start driving trucks today, lolol.  So, I called my manager, can you have them send a truck down here to fix this?  And they did, eventually.  Nothing ever happens quickly in the trucking world. The only person that pays for it is the truck driver.  I've never had this happen before. 

The mechanic showed up - with everything beyond necessity.  He's been doing this a while, prepared for any contingency.  I was impressed.  He noticed what I had already seen but said nothing about, was curious if he would come to the same conclusion without my suggesting anything.  There's a rope around the pigtail. Yes, there is, isn't there?

I had seen it before all of this, I just hadn't thought of the potential ramifications.  Obviously, this truck was set up for a trailer that sits much farther forward off the 5th wheel.  It's fine, I just don't take responsibility for it.  I didn't put that thing up there like that, not to mention I just got into that truck, the truck sat at their yard and then at Peterbilt.

Drove it on out after that. Got on a tollway in Dallas - I'll let the company pay for my getting past a bunch of traffic junk that is continuous on their freeways - and got back to the yard. There before my manager should have left, but she was gone. A great sign, means she doesn't need me tomorrow. But, I got in the office to make a copy of this inspection report that I posted about a few days ago and saw a run for Brownsville. I just thought how I would have taken that run without hesitation. 

However, not long after that, Rene sends me pics of my dogs. They both looked pathetic.  I know, I've been gone too long.  And, while I was gone and they took Aspyn to the vet, the vet determined she has heartworms. Lots of heartworms.  Dollar bill signs instantly fill my mind. 

Well it's late.  Addler is all crashed out, so is Aspyn.  I mean, seriously out of it.  Lol

I think I will join them in lala sleep land. 

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...