Friday, March 16, 2018

My laptop dogged out on me.  The keyboard needs replaced.  I'm going to get a new laptop and get this one repaired, have it cleaned and give it away to a friend that needs one.  After they fix the keyboard, it should work just fine. But it's 3 years old, time to replace it.  Really not much fun in the sleeper of a truck to not at least have the fun of getting on the internet.  Definitely not the same, getting on an Iphone versus getting on a real computer.  I get paid in 2 days, gonna see what that looks like and see if a new laptop is in the works.  I have this new notebook that I bought at Black Friday in November.

The screen is too small and it's not got enough memory nor the capability of increasing the memory. But even if I could, the screen size is unacceptable. Okay, so I got this little thing out of it's storage and am trying it.  I can plug an external keyboard into it, so this one will work until I decide what to buy or even when to buy it. Black Friday is the best time to get the deals, but that's a loooong ways off.

Okay. I'm in the truck, on the small little thing I bought on Black Friday.  It will suffice until I can find a good laptop that I want at a good price.  At least I can use an external keyboard and mouse with it.  I'm sitting next to the bowling alley again, up in Bartlesville. They don't say anything to me about parking here, it's completely out of the way of anyone needing to park. Or even seeing the truck for that matter. It's kind of hard to get in here tho.  It would be impossible if I got in here at night, the parking lot gets full enough the truck wouldn't be maneuvarable. No, I can't get out either, but it's  10 hour break, the place closes at 10, everyone leaves, the parking lot empties out.

Well, next day. Friday. Payday.  Healthy paycheck but the 4 day trip I wanted on there isn't there, meaning next payday. So, next payday will be huge. So I can deal with that.  Sitting at the plant in Barnsdall just playing the waiting game.  It takes even longer than it used to now because instead of flaring off the vapor after they unload the truck, they are pumping it back into the system.  They have to build up the pressure in the trailer's tank to push the fluid out of the trailer.  After they are done, a lot of that vapor has to be removed. I could get it done in 5 minutes if they'd let me, lol, just open the manual valve and let it out!

They used to send it to a flare to burn it off, why they changed it I have no idea but now they are pumping it back into their system, making it take much longer to accomplish. Which is fine, I will be getting several hours of detention time here. 

But, I have to say, I want another Brownsville trip. Preferably with at least an overnight wait for a trailer to show up. Those trips with a day plus detention pay are what makes for some awesome paychecks.  I haven't had on in a couple of weeks.  I mean, West Virginia was a 2,000 mile trip, but it takes 3-1/2 days.  I can make as much money in less time going to Brownsville as long as there is a wait for a trailer.   But it's whatever.  I'll take what she gives me, which is a mix of long trips, short trips and usually an in between one. 

Well, the move date is drawing closer.  Still lots of logistics to work out. Going to have a pow wow when I get back and get this stuff nailed down.  I want to get this behind me and get on with my life.  There are things I want to do which cost me time off work but I want to do them anyway, mostly traveling.  My finances are in better condition than they have been in in years.  I also want to pay down debt, as soon as I get this move monkey off my back I'm going to focus on that as well.  I want to dump 3 grand into paying down debt so I can get it down somewhere in the low 20% high teen percentage which will vastly improve my credit score - and reduce the size of my credit card payments. \

As far as money issues go, other things I want to do.  Perhaps sell both the car and the Jeep and get a nice truck.  Well, money towards a nice truck, neither of them are worth much of anything.  I really need to get back to AZ and visit.  It's been too long. And I put my hopes of going over seas on hold when my old job starting going really south with that manager and cutting back all OT hours.  But, meanwhile, I already should be building up vacation hours, I have no idea how to access the company portal to find out.  I have access to another portal, but it's just training.  I'd call them now but I don't feel like it. As it stands I called them this morning to fix Quaalcomm malfunction yesterday. It switched - by itself - to off duty driving.  Meaning I"m driving a commerical vehicle but not for pay, but for personal use. That, I knew, would throw red flags at them and sure enough, the lady I talked to at corporate had already looked at it. 

Well whatever. I'm expecting the to be done unloading this truck soon, I'm getting offa here.

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