Monday, April 2, 2018

Took yet another chance on an internet find for a person to come help today.  I was starting to get nervous when 9am came around and had heard nothing from him.  I texted him at 9:05 am and received no word, but then.....he came up in his car. We got straight to work.  Carrying out beds, furniture, kitchen stuff, personal items.  This guy was working his tail off, very happy I happened on one that actually has a work ethic.

This went on for 3 hours straight and we finally got it all over there. I think Rene has a few items left but they can come back for that stuff in Donny's pickup.

So, the dude has now switched to his cleaning service - which is why I called him over here in the first place.  The moving part was an unexpected bonus, I was planning on finding someone else to help me.  Much easier to just transition straight into cleaning - of which I'm doing none of.  At least not right now.  I'm taking a short break and then prepare my room for the move over there.  I need him to help me move my bed, a computer table and a futon over there.  The rest I can do myself while he continues on with his cleaning project, which is the entire house.

Now, this house isn't filthy or anything.  It's got some dust here and there and the windows need cleaned. But I wanted the couches and my futon shampooed and cleaned, the carpets cleaned and just spiffy up the rest of the house, get it smelling good in here for their return.  I was going to have the living room floor redone - stripped sanded and rewaxed but I couldn't find anyone to do it under a thousand dollars so I passed on that one.  It really is a do it yourself project if you have the time.

Time being the operative word.  I don't have the time for it.  You have to rent a special machine to sand the floor down - in this case the floor is definitely going to have to be sanded.  It's a lot of work, at least from what I read describing how to do the job.  I suppose I could have done it with time I've had off, but really, just wasn't in the cards.  I was busy running around getting stuff done and I was attempting to get all of the services turned on over there.  Plus attempting to get my own stuff ready to move.  I didn't get as far along with that as I wanted to, but it's not really that much stuff, it won't take me too terrible long to get all my stuff moved over there and frankly, I don't have to have it done today, I can also finish up tomorrow morning.

Went off to Applebee's, met up with Donny. Rene going off on him again.  She's being doing this for a while, the move not being especially helpful to her mood, apparently.  Basically being handed a gift on a platter but acting like the world owes her everything.  Mood swings. Wouldn't surprise me if she's bi-polar.  She is in constant pain, tho, I have some sympathy for her.  But she takes it out on the people that care for her.  Bad chemistry.  Donny is in a peculiar situation.  He could, of course, go off on his own. He doesn't really have enough to have his own place, not with his love of satellite tv and unlimited internet.  Rather costly, the Directv set up he likes. He pays for it - but that's only because he's paying room rent, not paying for an entire house.

He's also in bad health.  I'm not putting the man down, I'm just saying it like it is. He's a cool dude, no doubt about that. But his health is ailing.  He doesn't have hopes of being alive until he can start collecting SS.  I don't wish it upon him, but I do wonder the same.  He declared that this house - the one he just moved into - is the house he wants to die in. Moving is hard on anyone, but certainly a person getting up there and in poor health. I had to politely ask him today to please slow down, stop moving around, take a breather.  I understand he wants to put in his fair share, but that's what I hired a younger guy to do, do half the heavy lifting, I did the other half.  And even the light lifting, just take it easy.  Donny can stand to get some exercise, but not under this kind of duress.

It's just a person in that condition finding another place on their own, well, I'm sure it can be done but how much of a toll on that person while doing it?

And update: Rene, once again, apologized to both him and me for running her mouth.

Whatever the case, I'm 2/3rd's done with my room move.  I worked on getting them moved all day and then, took a short nap, then went back to work.  I've got the big stuff moved into my room. My computer desk and got my computer all set up again in here. That was mandatory, lol.

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