Friday, April 13, 2018

I'm back from Illinois.  I checked in at the office after unhooking the truck and getting my paperwork done.  There were two other drivers in there talking with Ann.  I was too busy to stop, at that moment anyway, trying to get my stuff done, get in my car and go meet Taylor and James for dinner at Applebee's.  Their treat : ). 

But, after I got it all done, Ann comes up and says, well, I've got two runs for you this weekend.  I mean, I just got back, I'm thinking, I'm ready for a day off at least.  But I didn't say that.  No point in it.  But I was still a bit incredulous, considering how these runs work: 2 runs?  You're joking. She started laughing so I thought, yes, she's joking.

Uhh, no, I'm not.  Cheniere tomorrow and Mapleton, Illinois, on Sunday.  She knows I won't say no t any runs she wants to give me.  I just won't. I might as well just work and get the paychecks. I had extended time off and it showed on today's check, but I expected it.  Anyway, tomorrow will be a full 14 hours. There is no guarantee I get it done in time to be back at the yard before the clock runs out. 

I could tell she was giving leeway for that.  Meaning, even if I had to take a 10 hour break to get back, load time isn't til later in the morning.  I would basically be getting to the yard the next morning, dropping a trailer, hooking up to  another and heading straight back to the plant.  That's not ideal, tho, cause' that means you don't have the full 14 hours for that next trip. You ate up some of it on the first one and the way she has this planned, it's gonna have to work perfectly for it to work.

So, that's my last several days.  The trip wasn't bad.  I found a new app that give MUCH more options for truck parking, not just truck stop parking lots.  It's any known places where trucks can park.  This is much more advantageous for those of us truck drivers that don't want to live in freaking truck stops.  I mean, it even includes hotel where trucks can park - albeit the driver isn't staying at the hotel.  In this case, it was a restaurant that has enough space out back for maybe 4 or 5 trucks.  And I have to tell ya, the truck stop a few miles down the road was crammed full of trucks the day I passed through and this morning, coming back, same thing. 

I spent two nights at that restaurant, had some very nice food and didn't have to deal with all the bs at truck stops. There are only 2 advantages staying at a truck stop: fuel and showers.  Fuel no biggies, can stop anytime for that, showers a bit more difficult because can be time consuming just getting into a shower.  Many times there is a wait. If I'm stopped for fuel and want to get a shower, it's just a matter of whether I'm lucky enough that there is an immediate opening.  If not, I'm out of there and down the road. 

Well tomorrow is going to be a long day. I"ve only been home a few hours - went and got the dogs tho.  I won't make apologies for bringing them home even if only for one night and taking them back again tomorrow, early.  And tomorrow evening, same thing, if I get home. 

Anyway, I'm bushed. Time to go to sleep. 

I didn't figure it would take her long to find a job. She started looking 2 days ago, she's off to work this morning, already.  That would be Taylor.  The job she found is right up here alley: quality control. That was the type of job she had here when they left for Georgia.  The pay isn't the greatest but she's getting a foot in the door. They will find out quickly that she's smart, even keeled and is really management material.  I predict she will move up quickly, if there is room to move up at that place.  If not, it's a job that will bring income.  They're kinda broke- neither of them is working. James is waiting on his license which could be another week and a half.

You can only live on borrowed money for so long.  She hasn't worked since she left almost 2 years ago, she said she was nervous this morning.  I figured she'll get over that quickly and fit right in there.  I'm just happy that at least one of them is going to have an income.  I kinda had this feeling I would end up having to cover the mortgage here - and that would break my bank quickly.  I'd have to beg Ann to stay out on the road continuously, something I don't want to do.  Anyway, good on her, maybe a tough decision considering they just got back here and not everything is even put up yet.

The talk of the day is this situation in Syria and the Chinese leader apparently caving to the pressure that Trump has applied on trade equalization.  Note that there hasn't been the dire trade war the left has been predicting would happen. It's as if they want America to fail just so they can see Trump go down in flames? While we all go down with him?  That doesn't even make any sense.  Not to mention these liberals and democrats are praising this Chinese leader for "taking the first step and making himself look like the better man".  What the hell is wrong with these people? We are talking communist China, not Sweden or Switzerland or something.

Well anyway, I went to pay my cell service bill, had totally forgotten about the $300 credit I managed to get.  I owe nothing and still have substantial credit left over : )  Kinda nice considering I took all that time off. This is pay week, but I am not expecting much of a paycheck.

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...