Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hooked the trailer up to the Jeep, drove the  65 miles to get the dresser and wow, was it worth the drive!  I was amazed at the quality of it and the fact they weren't asking that much for it. $240.  I imagined the thing was worth at least a grand.  It's absolutely an amazing piece of furniture, I dunno if hand crafted or not but definitely on the higher end of the quality scale. Near perfect condition, a few very minor blemishes that can be covered over with treatment. 

Brought that thing home and then the lady texted me.  It was nice talking to you, you seem like a very nice person. I actually bought that dresser 14 years ago and paid $2,700 for it at the time.  They easily could have gotten $500 for it.  But, they appeared to be well off considering the house they live in and the cars parked in their driveway, an older retired couple.  I was shocked at the price tag, and the fact it was that long ago they paid that much for it. 

What can I say? Sometimes you score things in life, right place at the right time, etc.  I didn't really look all that long for this, either. I just got on Craigslist, scrolled through a bunch of junky looking particle board disasters and then saw this beauty sitting there, calling my name.  The price tag was good.  Note that I did not have a dresser before this.  I was hanging everything in my closet and I really need that closet space for other stuff.  So, in my room and bathroom, i have a brand new toilet, vanity, bed, computer chair and now this wonderful dresser.  The only other thing that i intend on getting now is a large screen TV.  Not a priority, but the prices of these large flat screens have come down substantially. 

Well that's my excitement for today.  I was going to get out and mow the lawn, but I changed my mind.  I figure to rest the rest of the day, I would be surprised if I didn't get a text with a load going out tomorrow.  I've been off 2 days. I would surely love another day off, but the finances don't work out if I do that.  Well, they do, I just don't save anything. 

I get hit with a lot of bills every month, 3 houses worth. But one house more than pays for itself, the second I'm contributing a couple hundred a month in exchange for watching my dogs and this one, I pay all the bills except the mortgage as my monthly rent.  It's a bit high at this house, but it's only temporary.  I figured to give $500 per month for my living quarters plus helping with food and necessities in the house after they both have jobs.

She is working, he went in for another job interview today.  He had no word either way of whether they were going to hire him or not.  A local job, imo, would be far better for him than going OTR.

Well ain't that cozy.  Another trucking company calling me begging me (literally, she sounded desperate) to come work for them. Just another mega-carrier.  They don't pay anything, you aren't home much and your quality of life goes down with both the low pay and in frequent home time. No thanks. 

Pleasant surprise today when I went to pay my mortgage online.  I had a message in red letters saying property taxes had been paid and my payment amount had been updated.  I was thinking, red letters, this is going to be bad.  Instead, it came down $100 per month!

Ugh, but I just got off the phone with my mortgage company and found out the insurance they have on the house ONLY covers the house.  No damage, theft, nothing.  So, that became my project for today, find a new insurance company, of which I believe I have found and at half the price. If that works out then my payment is going to come down another $100 per month, putting my mortgage at near $700 with escrow.  That's pretty awesome.

I'm kinda just rambling here.  I've got to get that toilet replaced. I got the new one, just sitting there. I actually was able to stop the leak on the old one so I kinda lost motivation.  But, I definitely need to put the new one in, not only because I bought the thing but also because this old one doesn't flush very well. I mean, this is old technology here.

Nothing really new going on here.  I thought I was going to get sent out this morning, but that didn't happen.  I'm ready to go out on another run, need the dough.  Saving money for retirement, paying off debt slowly and attempting to save for a vehicle.  I mean, even if I don't pay cash for a vehicle, I want enough down money that the payment will be low and the length of it will be 3 years,.  I'm basically trying to save up 8 grand for that project - I may be able to find a decent pickup for that money and not have to get into a loan at all.

Day 2 of being off.  I kinda like having the days off, but it almost guarantees I will be working through the weekend.  I am cutting the manager some slack since her father just passed away and she is busy making funeral arrangements and family and such.  I'm not sure how she can even do her job while having to do deal with all of that plus grief at the same time.  They do have people at the corporate office that can fill in for her in just such occasions.

But, that's none of my business. Just at this point, I'm going to need a longer run, a couple thousand miles worth would be good.  Get some miles racked up towards next paycheck. 

So, I am about to get off of here and get ready to take a trip to a town about 60 miles away.  I found a beautiful dresser on Craigslist - I have no dresser in this room/house and I desperately need one. This is more antique vintage, in perfect condition and they only want $240 for it.  Guaranteed it's worth at least twice that if not more. I'll post pics of it on my FB wall if/when I get the thing back here. It's supposedly very heavy, but they said they would help me load it on the trailer.  I hope so, cause I sure as heck can't put it on there myself.  It's too far away to ask anyone to go with me - probably close to 3 hours round trip by the time it's all said and done, but well worth it for the quality and the beauty of it.  Must needs to get moving here~!

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...