Monday, April 30, 2018

Sunday evening.
Likely won't be going back out again until Tuesday morning.  So, I've had a week off. Didn't want it, could have taken a vacation with it if I had known in advance.

But, maybe I'll have time to get something done about a bad tooth.  It was filled when I was 15 or something like that.  Well, a whole portion of the tooth broke off yesterday.  Just out of the blue, not even chewing on anything.  I've got lots of teeth problems.  I've let it go. Chipped teeth, probably some fillings need to be done, some fillings that need to be redone.  I was already informed 3 or 4 years ago that the best option would be to have a realignment of my mouth by putting caps on all of my teeth.  18 thousand dollars, no thanks.  But, they haven't gotten any better. I really dread going into any dentist office at the moment, I know they will have nothing but bad news for me.

But go I must.  I can't just leave that like that. It will rot out and I will end up having to have the tooth pulled. Heck, they might have to pull it out anyway.  And then, I'm walking around without one of my teeth. That will look sooooo pretty!

As for today?  Well, we tried one more time to hitch Addler up with the Dane in heat.  She wasn't having any of him.  I mean we tried, definitely.  1st over at the other property, then over here, then the guy left him with me in hopes the dog would relax.  It took hours for her to relax, but that didn't mean she wanted anything to do with Addler.  I can tell ya Addler tried for hours and eventually gave up on it.  I mean, just flat laid down on the ground, worn out, panting, went to sleep lol.  So, fail the second week in a row.  I know Addler will do it cause' he was doing Aspyn when she was in heat before we got her fixed.

Meanwhile, the guest that moved in here is - still here.  I'm guessing he isn't going anywhere anytime soon, either.  It's neither here nor there for me. I have my  room, my own personal bathroom, I'm good. What it may mean in extra utilities is unknown until the end of May.  It will cost more tho. I have ample experience with that in renting out rooms.  The electric bill highly likely to go up irrelevant, as they are leaving lights on all over the house and leaving doors open.  I'm not going to complain - yet. That bill is coming out of my pocket, I'd like to see people shutting off lights in rooms that are not being used at the moment and shutting the door.  There is a glass door in front of the wood door in the front and a storm type door behind the wood door in the back. Closing both doors is optimal, especially when running AC.

Again, nothing to seriously complain about unless the electric bill goes up substantially.

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