Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday evening.
I knew I wasn't going  to be sent anywhere today, my 34 hour rest didn't finish until somewhere about an hour ago - around 9:00 pm.  My manager is back, she called today. When is your reset over? It's kinda strange that she asks me that because she can see when I went off duty and how long it will take for the rest to complete.  Anyway, she wanted me to take the first run.  I bluntly stated to her again, please, that 3 am stuff kills me.  Well, the only other option is the 2:30 load.  Fine, I thought. It's going to be a late night tomorrow, but late nights don't kill me near as bad as these 3 am rises. 

I can't say either of them are good, but the worst is definitely getting up what amounts to me as the middle of the night. I never sleep good on those nights and I end up fighting to stay awake all day long, my head aches, it just sucks.  So it's the late load for me.  Probably get out of there around 5:00 pm, get to the plant around 9:00 pm, take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to unload, then drive to a truckstop and sleep.  I'm at the bottom of the totem pole. I get the s***.  Early loads, some crappy runs, weekend work.  The longer I'm around there, the more I hear about who is doing what. 

Anyway, if those two kids start trouble with me again tomorrow night, I'm going to have my manager file a complaint with their plant.  That's all I need say about it at this point.

I started today getting up, getting the smoker fired up and putting in a large pork loin roast and a half a beef brisket in it.  Then I ran around town on errands - drop cash in the bank, internet service provider to set up auto deduct, hair cut, Kroger's, Applebee's. Almost went to the car dealership.  Instead, I went to the auto shop, got the oil changed and the fan belt replaced.  Yes, lots of pickups at this local dealership, almost guaranteed they would finance me, but I opted out of it. Fighting the urge. This car is sooo old and in such bad condition on the interior, I'm tired of driving it. It's got near 200,000 miles on it, definitely not worth dumping that much money into it to fix all of it. 

I will cross that bridge soon enough, but the biggest deterrent today was the fact that I was going to the dentist office to get a cracked tooth looked at.  I figured when the dentist came up with a plan, I would be told 8 thousand dollars and I wasn't wrong.  I need a lot of crowns, a couple of fillings and some bonding work done.  I knew about all the teeth except one.  He looked at a tooth I thought was okay and said it has 4 cracks in it, the same thing is going to happen to that tooth as is going to happen to the other one - a portion of it is going to come off. 

I wasn't shocked or dismayed. I knew what the verdict was going to be.  I figured before I went in there - this is going to be a process, but I'm going to get this rolling now. I'm not going to wait any long and I will shell out the bucks to get this stuff done.  I have 4 chipped teeth front uppers.  1 tooth where the cap came off, the tooth above it has come out enough to compensate for the tooth below that is shorter.  2 cracked teeth, 2 molars that need fillings. 

Well, I paid the bill to have the x-rays done and went home, got on the computer,  applied for CareCredit, got approved for almost the entire bill.  My teeth look bad, and some of it is going to get bad - pain - if I just let it go.  I knew all of this years ago, I just haven't had the money to deal with it. 

Anyway, I have an appointment to get the cracked one dealt with on Wednesday.  I will be making appointments for the rest of it as time permits. 

Well I have more but I'm seriously tired. Time for bed. G'day. 

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