Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trip to West Virginia.  I didn't get slowed down by construction traffic yesterday, so I made good time. Made it as far as north of Nashville and called it quits.  Got into a Love's travel center just in time, only 2 spots left, I got one of them and then another truck came in shortly after that and got the other.  I sat there and watched truck after truck after truck rolling in looking for a spot.  It's real dilemma.  It needs to be addressed. Cities and towns that don't want trucks around anywhere unless they are bringing stuff, otherwise, get the hell out of here.

That's the way I see it. I see no truck signs everywhere. No parking, no truck parking, trucks take this route, trucks aren't allowed in the city. It's a bunch of bs.  You want what we are hauling but you won't let us park somewhere to go to sleep?  And if we don't find a place before that magical 14 hours is up, we get dinged by our companies and/or if DOT catches it, we get written up and fined?  Crock of crap. I think it's Arkansas - they "voted" to not allow trucks to park on Interstate on -ramps.  I'm not sure of the state, but I think it was Arkansas.

Really?  Would you like us to come park in your front yards?  Even places we deliver to don't want us around. Meanwhile, they are trying to pass a bill to allow drivers as young as 18 to fill those seats because there is a shortage.  Oh, maybe you should fix the freaking problems that are driving drivers out of the business and you wouldn't have this issue?  What a load of shit. 

Texas is the exception. I can literally find a place to park just about anywhere.  I think.  Well maybe no going through Houston and Dallas, but the towns you drive through have places all over where you can park and cops don't mess with you.  If they have "no trucks" signs up, it's usually for a legitimate reason. 

Anyway, it started yesterday afternoon. I was not feeling right.  Starting to get a sore throat and headache.  It got worse last night and today - I"m not full blown sick but I sure don't feel good either.  No idea whether this is severe allergies or strep throat that's going around or what.  It was bad enough that I got a hotel room for the night.  I intend on going to sleep early.  What I feel like in the morning will determine what I do.  The problem is that they are always lacking trailers. They will want this one back as fast as possible - which is sometime Thursday, probably late morning.  But if I am sick, I don't care.  I'll hole up in a hotel as long as it takes to feel good enough to drive again. 

I got yet another "critical event" warning on that Quaalcomm device.  I had no idea what it was until I was finally done for the day. I'm not pulling over to find out what this stupid machine wants to tell me.  It says I had an "extreme overspeed event", meaning I let the truck get rolling too fast down a hill. Whooopdeedoo.  I will get another warning from the company.  This part of the company I'm not comfortable with. Little dictators called "The Safety Team".  I spent more time in orientation hearing about how you can get fired than anything about how happy they are you are there.  I don't need that and other devices on the truck to tell me how to drive.  I have done quite well in my driving since 1985 and I don't expect to change any of that.  I'm not going to bow down in fear to these people, either.  If  it comes to that, we will be parting ways.  A bunch of desk jockeys that have no clue, whatsoever, what it's like to drive a truck and do the work involved with driving it 14 hours a day.  Okay, I stopped at 13 hours and 30 minutes today. Whatever.  Yesterday I left myself a 30 minute window in case my parking plans failed.

You have to do that now. You can't just pick a truck stop in advance and "know" that it's going to have spaces. You have to leave yourself a window so you have time to find somewhere else.  I could have driven another 75 miles today, but the only truck stop or place to park along the route I have to take has very few parking spots.  The truck app says it's full all the time. I went in there this morning to use the bathroom and check it out.  Very small place, not room for more than maybe 10 trucks at most.  Besides, I wasn't feeling good and I got in 565 miles today. Not the greatest but acceptable.  It's where I would normally stop on the other trips. 

:Lol, Taylor warned me earlier: don't you dare come home sick!  No worries. If I am, I'll isolate myself away from the boys and everyone else in my bedroom. My dogs will be happy to be with me : )  I am very good at disappearing when not feeling well. I don't want to talk to anyone, just leave me alone, thanks, no I don't need anything, I just need to lay here and live through this misery until it's over.  Been that way all my life, not likely to change anytime soon lol.

Car dealer said no problem getting me financed. Not sold on it yet, but was looking into it.  Depends on the interest rate, the price of the truck - I'm not going to get into financing on a car, thanks and any other "special" things they want to add to the price.  No new vehicles, either.  And it has to be in good condition. I don't want any blemishes on the outside, no dents no dings, no major scratches.  The interior has to be in excellent condition.  That's it.  These dealers will always try to sell you something you don't want and I am very good at getting up and walking out of such places.  I have two vehicles, I'm not hurting for a ride.  My Jeep needs the AC fixed, but James is using it until he gets his car fixed. And his motorcycle went down. The car doesn't need much tho.  He just doesn't have any time to do anything. 

Working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week will do that. 

I'm exhausted but too early to go to bed.  Some decent movies on, think I'll kick back and relax. 

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