Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday morning.
Decided to get up, take a shower and head over to the yard to see if a trailer is there. I don't want to try and charge for time I'm not owed. 
I didn't think anything would be there yet and there wasn't.  There is another one of our tractors there waiting for a trailer already, so even if one does show up, he has first dibs on it. These trailers usually show up in twos.  I don't really care if I have so sit around all day and spend another night here again, but we'll see. The dude that runs the yard wasn't over there, I wanted to ask him if he had talked to any of the drivers about when they were going to show up.  Anyway, I'm going to check out of the hotel at around 11:00 am and go over there and wait. 

Or, if the guy is there I can find out, maybe, when trailers are going to show up.  Hard to determine whether to get another room when you don't know when a trailer is going to show up.  Basically sit around the yard over there until either one shows up or it starts getting late - not really late, like 5:00 pm - and then make a decision.  Not a hard decision to make tho.  I don't like night driving. I won't drive all night long to get back to our yard. 

My desire is to either have them show up before noon with trailers or not show up at all today.  Either is good for me.  I'm going on 15 hours of detention pay now, which gives me a nice tidy sum of cash for waiting and pays for the hotel room.  It makes these trips worth a lot more.  I make more per hour driving doing the math, but there is always at least 10 hours down time.  Why not get paid for it? : )

And nothing else really.  I mean, I just got some texts saying the baby is sick and so is mama.  But she has stomach illness going, I didn't have any of that so that didn't come from me. The baby, perhaps.  Bummer any way about it.  I was trying to stay away from the kids, but the 1 year old kept coming to me the other day, he wanted attention and figured I was the nearest one available.  I didn't pick him up tho, which is what is strange.  I really tried to keep my distance so they wouldn't get sick. There is another possibility is they got sick at the day care.  That happens a lot with kids interacting with each other

Nothing I can do about it. It is what it is.  Maybe next time I get sick I'll just go stay at a hotel until it passes.  It creates a lot of problem for parents trying to work and having to find a babysitter or have to stay home themselves, tho right now James isn't working so he can deal with that stuff. 

Umm, I guess I have bills I could pay online, but meh.  They aren't due until next month.  I have plenty of cash but I am always of the mindset keep as much of it around as long as possible incase something happens and you need it. 

There are things I want to buy as well, but that is also something I am putting off. Nothing I need, just a want list I've had for years now.  I've fulfilled some of the things on that list, the new bed being one of them. 

And now, I am going to start toying with apps that allegedly teach you how to invest in the stock market.  You get X amount of "fake" money but you are investing it in the real market at real market pricing.  I guess it's something like the apps I used to use for learning how to play blackjack at the casinos.  Learn with fake money, don't lose the real stuff.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Get my feet wet.  James actually turned me onto it, I had no idea they had apps for that, but duhhh, should have figured so. 

I'm going to do that later when I'm out of the hotel, sitting in the truck, bored, waiting in a dirt park lot.  Put the time to good use.  I've got 3 grand to invest, but I'm not doing anything with it until I figure out what I'm doing. 

Umm, there are other things, but it's still just long term goal stuff. That 3 grand could just sit there and grow until it's around 20 grand and then buy property or see if I can get into the rental business in a mobile home park or maybe a du or quadplex.  This small town I'm living in has several colleges, amazingly enough and at one of them, people come from all over to attend it. 

My credit score is ever so slowly going up.  It's those late mortgage payments. They are slowly falling off, 1 month at a time. They problem, I found out, is that I should have no more than 96% late payments for my score to at least go up to the good range.  I'm at 90% at the moment.  All of it is the mortgage stuff.  I'm guessing another year before it hits that percentage.  Kinda of sucks, but my fault. I shouldn't have let it go on that long, I should have found a way to get out of that mess long before I did.  So what, I guess, because I won't have a sizable down payment before a year is up anyway. And that's if I even last at this place. 

I try to weigh the pros and cons of any given place. The recent 6 unwanted days off left a sour taste in my mouth.  Some revelations about how other drivers are being treated isn't so great either.  Just smacks of favoritism.  I can see a longer term driver getting some better runs, but the days - not working weekends?  This job requires every driver to be agreeable to that.  It's in writing.  Not that that means anything and no I'm not openly complaining about it, just things that run through my mind.  The run I'm on was a Sunday load - yesterday.  Up early, at the plant early.  I had 2 days off, so it wasn't that bad, but the weekends are when everyone else is off. 

But, James did say he wants to try and fix that broken 4 wheeler.  Have at it!  I could fix it but I don' think it's worth the money.  I've been going after the neighbors to pay for the damages for it for a while. The only real alternative is to sue them.  I dunno if I'm going to do that or not.  That kid has a job, he has an expensive truck sitting in the yard, he could pay for the damages he promised to pay for like 15 times. 

Just strange that the dad is going to run for sheriff next year but has situations like this looming over him?  I'm not running to the press, but any court case is open to the public.  So, I'll just sit on that for a while and think about it.

I'm finally thinking I"m starting to get better.  I still have a cough but the cruddy feeling is starting to go away.  I can deal with that. 

Well, I'm off of here. Need to start getting ready to get out of this place.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...