Tuesday, May 22, 2018

So, stuck down in Brownsville. I was anyway and don't read that wrong, for the money, being stuck down there is great.  I've got the drive down both days - tho admittedly there are times going through the Houston area you are going to fight traffic regardless and unless you want to go out of the way through small towns, just deal with it.

Uhh, yea well anyway, I was talking to an older dude - I'm 54, but he's much older than me, lol. He owns his own truck and drives for our company.  Well I knocked on his truck door and he came out quick.  Some sort of - underwear overalls?  I've never seen such garb before so I can't really explain it. Did I wake you? No, he laughed, I was watching TV. 

We were discussing the situation of a trailer coming in, he declared there wasn't going to be any showing up tonight.  I asked him if he was getting detention pay since he's an owner operator? We got into a discussion about that.  This dude clears 100k after expenses.  That's what he takes home.  Seriously?  100k.  Take home. 

I had to take that in for a moment.  So you're driving for this company and after taxes, fuel, insurance, repairs, etc, you are taking that much home every year?  I had no reason to disbelieve him. He's a very down to earth person.  65 years old, he's ready to retire soon enough. 

It gave food for thought, that's for sure.  I have always leaned away from the idea of owning a truck, but this is a bit surreal.  I mean, if someone says they are making a hundred grand per year, that's what they are grossing, not what they are netting.

But, that means having a lot of money in the bank for any problems. Repairs, mostly.  Engine repairs can cost a lot of money.  Some advise having over 20k.  I'd figure 10k enough, but that's a ways off and then, getting financed for a truck.  I don't have a bunch of cash sitting around, lol.

Lol. Well, tomorrow is smoking day. That's smoking meats.  A huge pork loin, a rack of ribs and a half brisket. It will happen, I think anyway, but I'm going to try to get into the dentist.  I called today but they were already closed - still left a message. I found the insurance info, I have the financing, please let's get some of this started if there is a spot on your schedule. 

So, whatever happens then, I"m feeling much better today. Not 100%, but the improvement in how I feel today is quite noticeable.  I mean, for some reason, I'm feeling better than I have in a long time?  Perhaps it's just being sick and getting out of it amplifies it.

Enough.  I'm not going to bed but I am going to find something to watch on the tube!

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