Wednesday, May 23, 2018

So I got a spot in a couple hours at the dentist office. Hopefully that means a couple of crowns to start with? I have no clue how long that takes nowadays, I haven't had dental work done literally in decades.  Hmm, it appears there is new technology out that you can have the new crown put in the same day.  Whether this dentist has that or not, unknown.  Will be finding out lol.

My new CareCredit account brought my credit card usage down to 30% which in turn upped my credit score.  However, and unfortunately, that particular account will be all used up by the time I am done.  I fully intend on using all the $2,000 my dental insurance gives plus that credit plus any cash necessary beyond that, get my teeth all fixed, done and over with.  I don't care if I have to make payments on it for a few years.  I'm 54 years old, this stuff isn't getting any better and my smile is wretched.  Chipped, cracked teeth on the front.  Broken teeth.  Teeth that need fillings.  And now a mild pain in one of the cracked teeth. Naww, we aren't going to just continue to let this go.

Moving on, I have looked into financing on a semi tractor.  Seems like there are quite a few lenders out there willing to finance such.  That qualifications vary as does the down payment, some requiring no down payment at all.  I'm in the "I'm thinking about it" stage.  Nothing I will take action on any time in the next few months.  I'm sort of more interested in my relationship with this company at the moment.  I'm new.  I get a notice that I made it through the month of April without any violations and congratulations! 

Well, that's cool, but I had at least 2 over speeds this month and I'm sure I'll be getting their version of a company issued citation for those coming next month.  This is why I'm not really going to invest anything, even in the company truck I am driving now, until I have further evidence, over time, that they are actually going to keep me.  The orientation was full of instances of how they can and will fire you for this and that.  That's kind of what is keeping me on the fence.  In reality, there is no perfect driver and I'm not pretending to be.  Staying out of accidents is my number one priority, if I do that, that should count for something. But in this age and era of big brother watching everything you are doing,  that isn't necessarily true. If you are engaging in "risky" behavior, they like to call it, then you are no better than a person that just rear ended a car in front of you can injured everyone inside of it. 

Next month is CVSA International Roadcheck. Level 1 inspections done on trucks randomely pulled in - wherever.  Weigh stations, roadside check stations, just pulling you off to a safe area on the side of the road.  Almost guaranteed with the places we drive through I'll get pulled over yet again. Last 2 checks have netted "NO VIOLATIONS" against me, but they weren't level 1 inspections, either.  I've had a self initiated crash course on Quaalcomm, since I haven't used one in 20 plus years and they have completely changed since then.  I didn't know about the "load" info you have to put on for each trip, it isn't right there in front of your face when you look at it.  In fact, the thing is loaded with all kinds of screens and you have to just sit there and go through each one to learn how to use it..

They will be looking at driver's ELD's (electronic logging device) and I want the thing to be completely accurate.  One of our drivers recently got dinged for 8 days worth of not having the load info in there. That was a lot of points against his record and against the company.  I don't want any points and I want to keep in as good a standing with the company as possible.  The load info is actually quite easy to input once you actually find the field where to do it at.

Well, I'm smoking some meats in the smoker today.  Figure James can tend it while I'm at the dentist.  Doesn't take much, if temp is down, add some chips, maybe throw in some more charcoal to make sure it stays consistent heat.  Other than that, somewhere around 6 or 7 pm we'll be having that wonderful pork loin roast again. If it turns out as good as it did last time, hands down excellent meal.

With that, I must be off to the shower and then off to the dentist. 

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