Monday, May 28, 2018

So the end of 2 full days off arrives and will pass after tonight is over.  I don't mind the long trips, as long as they aren't back to back. Which isn't a problem, many other drivers only want the long trips.  I need one here and there for the paycheck's sake, but enough shorter trips adds up as well.  And I get home more often. They could send me on one of the Canada trips, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.  The really good runs are eaten up by longer term drivers.  I can't really blame them for doing that, but once in a great while, one of those runs would be nice.

But, hey, I got the Stryker run tomorrow and that is highly desired, to the point mostly only 2 drivers get to go up there. I dunno why tho. It's out in the middle of nowhere and it is no more miles than the West Virginia run.  I've been to both and I can't see any difference in pay.  Maybe those people live up there or have relatives, girlfriends, who knows.  There is a litany of reasons people like to go to certain locations, most of which have nothing to do with money.

But, the sleeper AC isn't working so this going to be a long trip.  It means to stay cool in the sleeper, I have to leave the curtain open to the cab.  The sleeper stays cool, it's just that there are always lights wherever I'm parking or just the idea of potentially being exposed to whosoever. No one is likely to look in there, they'd have to probably get up on the truck to see me in there anyway, just a "feeling" I guess.  I'm going to push getting it fixed when I get back. Well, I'd like to get it fixed on an already time off, such as 34 hour reset.  I'll have around 44 hours used up on this round, which still leaves quite a bit when I get back, no clue.

Today - many people didn't show up for the cookout that said they would. No biggies, but the next door neighbor came over and we sat and talked for hours.  Confirmed from his mouth that he is running for Sheriff next  in 2020 and confirmed he has a lot of rich people that are going to support him - to the point they have already pledged to pay for his campaign.  That's a pretty nice piece of security.  He's a great guy.  I've had my issues with them, but nothing too major besides the boy destroying my 4 wheeler.  I didn't bring that up, no point in ruining a fine afternoon.  A buddy of James came over too, really cool, really had a good time.

3 racks of my ribs turned out nice, 2 of them did not.  My fault, I'm learning.  First foray into doing that much meat all at once. It would be easier to do in a much larger cabinet style smoker or a barrel cooker may be better.  I dunno. But, the Sheriff liked them. He also told me the credit union he works for (2 jobs, makes big bucks as a banker) has repos and if I see something I like, he can very likely bring the price down. Short list, tho, 2 trucks, both Dodge Rams.  Nice trucks but at 29k and 24k, even if he could bring it down a few thousand, still out of my price range.  Well, the lender thinks I qualify for 40k, but screw that.  I"m really much more in love with either GMC pickups or Chevy.  Yes, same company but different truck lines.  Much prefer GMC, actually, but the Chevy Silverado is a beautiful truck.

No rush. Maybe they'll get something in that I'll like.  Whatever I end up getting, I'm stuck with it for at least 4 or 5 years.  Maybe the rest of my life.  I want something nice.  Not too nice - trucks and extras equal big bucks - but nicely appointed.  As for buying my own semi for work - I decided to wait a year from my employment date. If I'm still there, I'll ask about their lease/purchase program.  If it looks decent - maybe.  If not - buy my own with my own lending - or just not.  Right now is not the time for this, I have decided and that will go on the back burner for another 6 months.

I mean, I had a great day tho.  Just cooking and hanging out.  A bit of laundry.  Dogs given more attention by the man that showed up with his kid than they even get from me. Well, okay, not really lol.  Those dogs are lavished with love on a daily basis when I'm home and the same when I take them over to Donny and Rene.  Oh, well there was one thing tho.  I was looking through my wallet  yesterday and realized my driver's license is missing.  I went through it 3 times again this morning - maybe it will magically appear in there! lolol

I got the smoker fired up, got the ribs in there and drove to work after that.  Sure enough, it was sitting on the passenger's seat as I suspected it was.  Not totally fruitless trip - there was a pile of permits and operating authority documents in my bin in the office.  Roadside Check is just around the corner.  They want every piece of paperwork up to date in that book we carry around with us.  Most people have insurance and registration. We have that and dozens and dozens of other permits and authorities because of hazmat.  It all has to be up to date.  Authorities have already stated that paperwork is going to be one of their main focuses.  I spent an hour going through all of that stuff in my book and replacing that which was outdated. Actually, there was nothing outdated, it was going to be outdated as of the first of June.

I got all of that in order.  Got the tractor hooked up to the trailer for tomorrow and left.  Oh, well I checked the refrigerator.  I have finally figured this out. The truck will run the refrigerator...until the truck says that that battery levels are at minimum levels and anything running? won't be running anymore.  It shuts off all sources of power drains and says enough.  I don't know how long that takes.  More than 2 days, I know that but how long for sure, no idea. . I ran the truck for awhile since I was there hooking it up to a trailer, going into the office and checking out paperwork and getting paperwork for the next load.


Memorial Day morning.  Just getting ready to head out and get to the yard.  Not really looking forward today's drive but only because I am starting late meaning I'll have to be driving late.  I mean, at least 500 miles in to make sure I can finish out the drive tomorrow and be there at  6 am Wednesday morning.  Which in turn leaves me to have to drive that day quite a bit to be able to get back on Thursday.  Oh, well anyway, I'm not much of a late driver and the prospect of driving until midnight isn't too great for me. 

Nothing of great interest left here.  Watching footage of official Memorial's day ceremonies around the nation. 

Time stops for no-one, certainly not me.  Off to trucking wonderland. 

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