Thursday, June 14, 2018

Didn't finish this post but, starting another.

I had started to put buying a truck out of my mind, or at least put it on hold until I noticed they put the price of that pickup I had been debating over down another grand.  I was still on the fence about it, but I thought if I could talk them down another thousand, I would take it.  Well, they emailed me today, I emailed them back and then they informed me someone had bought it.

No love lost, no let down at all, it's just a truck. It was a nice one, yes, but it was also 9 years old.  Pretty hefty price tag for something 9 years old.  I'm likely never to fall in love with the cost of a vehicle being that high and being that old at the same time.  I'm glad it went, actually, just a temptation I don't need.  I'd like to get into the 2011 or up range.  Or, I'd like to do nothing. Or whatever, lol, I just don't know.

I don't even remember when I started this post, kind of got distracted with things going on around here.  Last night, there was a party here. They were all getting drunk, frankly, which doesn't bother me, I just didn't partake in that particular activity.  However, as drunkenness goes, things got out of hand.  To the point a man that was invited over - single man, wasted drunk - decided he was going to kiss my friend on the lips, right in front of her husband.  That's my friends I live with.  I wasn't outside at the time where they were hanging out, I was making some buffalo wings for everyone to munch on.

I quickly found out tho. The man ran off after he was engaged, is how I will put it.  Never saw him again, assuredly never will.  Really strange stuff tho.  How do you go kissing a person you don't have that kind of relationship with and right in front of her husband? Wasted drunk, that's the answer.  I heard a lot of "well I wouldn't do that even if I were that drunk" type of stuff, but I know what a person is capable of being stone drunk.  I spent most of my teenage years around it and several occasions in my adult life.  I'm not excusing it at all, it was wrong, the guy got away before any physical altercation took place, which was good.

I have heard nothing back from the dealer that was going to sell me that truck. They have other trucks there, some of which are in my category of a truck I would want.  But I"m not going to go chasing after them, a truck or anything since I'm not fully sold on the idea and had all but given it up until they brought the price down yet again on that one and then sold it.

It's Sunday.  Lots of cleaning to do today.  That's cleaning up the aftermath of a rather wild party, laundry, clean my room, etc etc etc.  Oh and I'm cooking a pork roast.  Not smoking this though, it would be really hard IMO to slow cook a fat roast in a smoker without burning the meat.  I found an interesting recipe and I'm well on the way to trying it out.  The roast is dressed with the dry rub and in another hour or so I'm going to dump it into a roasting pan, put all the rest of the ingredients in and see what happens. I will probably add Dr Pepper injections to it, tho, for better flavor.  It really works.  Inject it slowly into the meat in several different places.


Okay, cleaning done.  Roast in the oven. Laundry in the machine.  Dogs content.  Back yard a lot of junk from partying last night but I expect them to do that.  I am not going to do everything.  I intend on spending sometime kicking back and watching TV today.  Tomorrow morning I have to be at the dentist early, I expect Tuesday morning to have to be on the scales at the plant early and off to wherever.

Yes, great day to sit around doing nothing.  The jist of the work is over.  The roast will be nothing more than pulling it out of the oven, making some sort of puree out of the juices and serving it.  Hopefully this recipe was worth the effort it took. Lots of ingredients, lots of slicing and dicing, measuring, pouring, finding stuff, etc.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...