Friday, June 15, 2018

Some people.  This dude, I've known him since missionary days in the 80's.  He came up from El Savlador, a refugee from a land that was under revolt, he had been cut up with a machete and had the huge scars to prove it.  Regardless, this guy has always been brash and mouth.  He gets on my Facebook and starts making outrageous accusations against me last week.  Yesterday, I see him at it again on someone else's wall and made a comment to him - which in turn had him direct messaging me on Facebook, coming out with even more ridiculous accusations. Such as "How many women have you slept with since you got divorced" and on and on and on...

I finally blocked the dude.  The fact that this guy claims to be a pastor - he lives in Mexico now - is disconcerting.  How do you come out against people like that and be a pastor at the same time?  I know numerous pastors, none of them act in this manner at all.  Made me wonder what, exactly, he is teaching his flock?

Moving on.  My kit to test DNA to find out what my heritage came in.  It's sitting on my computer desk.  I'm not doing it until I can take it direction to the post office and get it sent out, which I don't figure I'm going to have time to do this morning. I'm heading out to Pasadena and I have to be at the yard at 8:00 am to get to the plant by 8:30 am.  So yea, that doesn't leave time to stop at the post office. I suppose I could take the kit with me and stop at one along the way since it's only Friday. 

Nah, I'll wait until next week when I have a chance to make sure I'm not rushed and do it right.

The news is abuzz with all the fallout of the IG's report.  I'm rather skeptical that anything will become of it.  Obvious bias in the FBI, intent is a bit less clear.  It's interesting to watch the double talk and hypocrisy of the left who brushes all of this stuff off, including another IG report about Clinton and Obama having communication with her on her unauthorized email server - when Obama said he didn't know about it until he saw it on the a bald faced lie, obviously.

Meanwhile, I was driving home and had this itch to stop at a car dealer in the next town over. So I drove over there on the way home - I had just gotten back from the Brownsville run - got to the lot - and kept driving haha.  What can I say.  My car is falling apart, yet I can't get myself to go and get into payments lol.  I know what will happen. I'll get on the lot, they'll show me something I like, I'll buy it, bam, stuck with payments for 3 to 5 years, drive off the lot and wonder what I have just done.  I've got quite a bit of debt going no as it stands after getting my teeth done.

Oh, yea.  Teeth! My new front teeth are in, crowns.  My smile looks normal now.  I was looking at the before and after pics and just gag.  My teeth were so bad!  They looked nasty!  I didn't realize how bad the looked until the doc texted me the pics.  This was something I have wanted to get done for many years.  I hate debt, but the alternative was eventually having no front teeth. They were chipped - several of them half way down - they weren't going to get any better that's for sure. 

Ok. Well next - I think anyway  - on my plate is a trip to Phoenix. I haven't been back in 2-1/2 years?  I think that's how long.  No, I forgot about my trips to see dad and then be at his Memorial last year.  That was a very short trip to Phoenix, tho.  Then I saw my mom up at her place in the mountains.  Took steaks up there and we had a beautiful steak and potatoes breakfast.  Anyway, I really could just make a 3 day trip via plane leaving out  of the airport 2 towns over and just do a quick trip to at least touch base with everyone that I am wanting to visit.  It's too hard to judge when I'm going to have several days in a row off. I either have to take the time off or hope that on one of these weekends I'm not getting sent out until a Tuesday. 

Hmm, a bit pricey leaving at last minute.  Used to be you could find some deals for empty seats at the last minute, not anymore!  About $135 more than what a normal ticket out of there would be.  I have no umption to drive clear to Dallas in that old car tho.  If something happens to it, I don't want to be 150 miles from home.  At least if I drive to the towns in my area, I can have a tow truck take it to the shop in town that I use without paying a fortune for the tow.  Tho likely if the car broke down that bad I would have it towed to the house, get the Jeep ac fixed immediately and start driving that instead.  Well, cheapest airfare is $450.  Not bad I guess for last minute and flying out of a small airport to connect at Dallas. 

Okay enough searching lol. I get caught up looking for flights and I'll be sitting here for an hour wasting time on something that I'm not even going to do right now!  My trip today could be a day trip, but I'll guess it won't be. If anything goes wrong at the plant to load or if they take too long to unload at the receiver, toast.  I'm planning on an overnighter but hoping for a day trip lol.  It would be lovely to have a weekend off, but I suspect I'll be sent out either Sunday or Monday somewhere.  I really like the Brownsville trip simply because it's good miles for the amount of time out - many times only 2 days and almost 1,200 miles round trip.  5 of those in a pay period would make for a very nice paycheck. Or 4 of them with ample detention time.  But I only had 3 options for today - Chenier, a place I love to hate, a plant in Houston that I haven't been to yet or this place in Pasadena.  I would have done the Houston trip because Ann stated it's definitely a day trip, but it was the early load.  Meaning right now I would be either at the plant or more likely leaving it already. Yeah, I very much dislike the 3:20 am rise time so I passed on that one.  Maybe some other time I'll try that one. 

Okay, better get moving : )

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