Saturday, June 30, 2018

Donald Trump will go down in the history books as one of the greatest Presidents that ever occupied the Oval Office

And per my post topic, if Trump hadn't become president, we would be on this socialist path of Progressive idealism that would have taken this nation to the brink of inner destruction through the demise of strength of economy through capitalism.  And a HOST of other reasons that I am not going to bother going into.  He is leading this nation back to a stance of world dominance in the economic sector.  Simply because progressives attempt to redefine liberalism and bring about a so-called new age of federal/government control over everything is being promoted over all the liberal news media does not therefore make it something that is good for America.

Yes, I subscribe to Make America Great Again!

Onto my personal things.

The workload has been intense this week.  One run after another. I'm home a day today - tho I didn't actually get home until 11:00 am - and right back out to Brownsville tomorrow morning.  I have NO idea why this plant in Mexico needs so much Ethylene, but we have trucks going down there every single day.  Ethylene has a limited number of uses and it's just a very big curiosity factor to me to find out what they are using it for and why they need so much of it.  Something like 2 truckloads a day going down there. 

I'm going to keep asking what this plant is building and what the Ethylene is used for until I get an answer, lol.  And on that point, I at least got 10 hours of detention pay on this last trip.  I got there, no available trailers. Well, there was one but another tractor was sitting there already. I could have taken the trailer, lol, but that would have been wrong. 

Anyway, I will be getting low on hours after this run tomorrow - probably in the teens range.  I could still go out somewhere, but with the addition of new drivers, it may not be necessary. I think she's trying to keep me happy with my paychecks and that's fine with me.  I have several things I want to buy, not the least of which is an AC unit for this room. I could buy it now, frankly, and I would have today. Just time!  Lol. I need a couple of days off but I don't want them until my hours run out to the point I can't drive anymore, anyway.  My savings account is slowly going up and up, my checking account goes up and down but nothing even remotely close to zero like it used to be at that other company. 

I like the Brownsville run because I like the drive. I have it down to a science and after the first 100 miles it's mostly level driving, no up and down hills and mountains such as in other places and having to watch a truck slow down to 30 mph because the hill is so steep and the truck is lugging it's way up it.  And, it's good mileage for a 2 day run (unless there is detention pay, which makes it even better) and with enough of these runs, I can make serious money and get home every 2 days.  I'm very comfortable with this setup. But, there are always other runs I don't mind doing, just this one really works well for me.

Dogs were very happy to see me after almost 4 days gone, I'll be gone another 2 after tomorrow morning, oh well. They have the dog's life, lol, they are well treated at the other house and I don't even worry about them when they are over there. They come out looking for me in the living room over there when I've been gone too long, tho, so it's been reported. 

So, in looking at my DNA process, it's being "extracted in our lab"  I dunno how long that takes. I'm very excited to find out my lineage/history, what roots are mine to claim. It could be something totally different than what I've been told.  Whatever it is, I will embrace it and run with it and make plans accordingly.  I must visit whatever lands that I originate from, that is a bucket list. 


Saturday night  I don't have to leave the house until 8:00 am Sunday - tomorrow - morning.  I get stuck with Sunday trips a lot.  I guess I could say something about it ... and probably get runs that I don't like or want.  It's life as it's going for right now.  I'm out many more Sundays than home. 

I never went to the dealer.  I was going to go, they have 2 trucks there at prices that are in my range and are what I would like to own, versus a "compromise".  It can wait.  I wasn't feeling it today. I wasn't feeling anything.  I find the need to have a couple of days off here and there, even if not on the weekend, which almost never happens anymore. I don't really care, just get me off.  After this run tomorrow and going through the next night or possibly longer if there is a wait for a trailer, I will be ready for a 34 hour-2 day reset.  It will represent around 4 grand of work in the last 7 days and that's fine by me.  Yes, that's how much driving I've been doing.   Lol.

So, I'm sitting here looking at youtube videos and a Haddaway What Is Love video pops up. It's a bunch of rather very nice looking ladies doing some serious moves to the music. They are fully clothed, thank you.  I decided to get up and try some of that.  I lasted - 60 seconds? - before death, nauseau and the feeling of regurgitation entered my mind and body and I quit.  Lol.  It fueled the fires in my mind of my recent thoughts of how bad of shape I have become.  A sedentary job and little exercise.  Truck driving takes stamina, yes, it doesn't require physical effort. At least not the driving part.  And in my current job, the driving part is what, 95%? of the equation.

I already get out and walk around when I stop wherever I'm stopped. My legs don't work quite right and it takes a while to get that back into normal funk.  I am not vowing anything, I"m not even promising anything to anyone or even myself, cause' if I don't do it, I don't need to get into all this self condemnation shit.  But I am going to at least try to motivate myself to get much more physical activity for at least 30 minutes wherever I'm at.  A brisk walk, dancing to Haddaway, whatever!  This is the plight of a lot of truck drivers and why you see very, very many over-sized men and women getting out of trucks. You drive all day long, you don't feel  like doing anything. Go get a shower, maybe, get something to eat and then crawl in your sleeper. It's even worse nowadays with satellite tv being pumped right into sleepers and even less motivation to get out of that damned truck and do something.

It's really a very sedentary lifestyle excepting for certain types of trucking that require physical output.  Yet, stamina is increased with regular exercise.

Whatever the case, it's getting close to bedtime. I'm finding that is also changing to "later" than "earlier".  Very dependent on what time the load time is.  But I can tell you what time I will be stopping give or take on any given day by determining what time I started.  Tomorrow I'll be on the clock around 9 am, which means I'll be stopping around 11 pm if I'm lucky and actually make it all the way down there. I usually do, but there is always that one thing that happens that you can't stop from happening and has consequences on the entire trip and when you get back to the yard.

Mind full of thoughts. 

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...