Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Auto pay done.  On the Expedition.  I have far too many bills to keep up with all of this. 3 houses worth of utilities, satellite and internet. One house for mortgage and another for rent payment.  Okay, my house is still pay online, I'm not going to do autopay on that and we aren't given an option to pay the rent at the other house autopay - and with some of the problems we've had over there, I would much rather have it on a written check anyway.  Anyway, I don't have to worry about the SUV payment and if I ever want out of it, it's a call to the bank to get it removed.


That was yesterday.  Today, I have a full day off finally.  Only thanks to this interim dispatcher who doesn't really know what she's doing.  If she doesn't give me a run tomorrow, I'll take that day off as well but then I'm going to be asking her for work.  Which will run me yet another weekend of course.  I just take whatever days off I can get now and relax and enjoy them regardless. 

Well, not that I wanted to - at all - but I called the dentist. Let's get this over with. One more crown and a filling and I'll be done for now.  My bottom front teeth need work - but they can wait.  After I get done at the dentists I'm going to see if the vet has an opening to get Addler in and get some shots - heartworm and tic/flea.  This region is over run with tics and fleas and we all know dogs getting bit by them can get all kinds of nasty diseases and things, not the least of which is heartworms.  But, I have to get done with the dentist first, gasp at the sticker shock - I owe at least a thousand cash beyond the credit care - pay that up and then come home, sit down, take a deep breath. 

I mean, that's over 8 grand for teeth and a vehicle that's 16 grand, payments on both.  That's a lot of debt to incur all at once, but, the payments are affordable, especially with this job.  It's not anything I could have done at Ferguson, at all.  I would still be driving that old Buick and having to dump money into it - tires, interior, gauges, all kinds of stuff.  Instead, I'm driving what I hope will stay this way: an excellent vehicle that's like floating on a cloud driving down the road. 

Anyway, dentist appointment in 45 minutes - the place is literally 3 minutes down the road so I have plenty of time lol.  Then, off to Walmart to get some things including new leashes for the dogs.  I have my other ones over at the other house for them to take the dogs out front whenever neighbors want to see them.  The neighbors on that street are infatuated with Addler.  Kids and adults alike.  I need leashes because I want to get back into working out and no better way than brisk walks for 30 minutes to get started with.  If I can get that routine going at least 4 or 5 days a week - and that means going for walks while out on the road since I"m not home half the time - maybe I can ease back ito the gym and start out with a couple days a week pumping iron and getting rid of my gut. 
That and try to find ways to eat more healthy while out on the road.  I get very tired of truck stop food.  It's just calorie laden garbage that may taste good but does nothing good for your body.  It's one of the main reasons I hate even going to truck stops, but I have no choice for getting fuel.  Most of them have Arby's, McDonalds, Wendy's, "cuisine" of that nature.  Any so called healthy menu is still quite unhealthy compared to eating at home. 

No need to waste a bunch of time writing about that stuff tho.  It's just a matter of finding places where I regularly go, such as Brownsville, that's not too far of a drive and can get a healthier meal. 

Ugh. Checked my credit score.  Kinda figured.  Credit card use is"way up" because of using almost all of that CreditCare card to pay for dental.  My usage ratio is up to 51 percent now.  My payment history is slowing going back up, it's at 91% and should slowly keep rising as each of those late mortgage payments fall off, month by month.  Credit age - they give that medium impact on your score.  It's average at 4 years 7 months.  I mean, that seems like a long time? But apparently not to them.  The one thing I am working on is paying down my credit cards except credit care. I'm just making monthly payments on that right now but everything else I'm throwing money at whenever I can to get the levels back down.  All of those payments add up. 

So much so that I'm going to write it all down today and see what all of this credit is costing me per month. Between car and teeth payments, that just added almost $500 per month.  Those balances are far too high right now to make any significant impact on them, the better idea is to pay off lower balances and get rid of some of the payments altogether.  I'm going to have to look into it tho, I thik you still need to use all of those cards here and there for the companies to keep the account open.  Meaning spending grocery or gas money on credit cards but then pay them off each month so no interest accrued.  I've got a couple within range of paying off pretty soon here.  Fingerhut I paid off several months ago and never bought anything else. I have like 4 grand credit available with them.

Well whatever.  Just thoughts running through my head.  I think while I'm out I'm going to go to woodforest bank and open up a savings account. I want to have one for vacation funding.  I'm definitely wanting to go somewhere next year, even if not London.  Seems like London is a rather volatile place right now, not sure that it's a good time to go over there. 

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