Saturday, July 21, 2018

I guess I sent my mother into despair tonight unintentionally. 
We were on the phone talking for quite a while and inevitably the discussion went to my middle brother.  This is the dude that threatened to break my bones and send me to the hospital in a series of dozens of test messages sent out to all of us when he decided that he didn't like what I had to say about the family to extended family members.

I'm not going to a Christmas "party" with a person that has threatened my life without simple protections, called concealed carry. Nothing I don't do anyway excepting in the truck tho I've had thoughts of having a small handgun in there because of the crazy freaking people at truckstops and some of the people you encounter out on the highways.  I could hide one quite well if I really wanted to. It's not illegal excepting in states that don't honor the concealed carry license, ie: reciprocal agreements.  I don't need reciprocal agreements going to Brownsville, I dunno about going to West Virginia, where I'm headed tomorrow, but I don't carry one with me anyway. But this does give rise to the idea of at least having something in there. A baseball bat, a billy club or just a tire thumper the doubles as self protection. 

It's likely better that I just don't go to these "parties". My son told me a few weeks ago he won't take his wife to those parties after my middle brother - of course - started in on them.  And may not go to them at all even without her.  I can't blame him. I dunno what's happened to my brother, but whatever it is, I want nothing to do with it. His threatening to send me to the hospital, beat the shit out of me, break all my bones, do what he said he "should have done growing up" was insanity. I haven't heard from him since - not that I want to, I have completely written him off in my life and if I did, indeed, encounter him at a family function, I would have nothing to say to him.

You won't show up to Christmas with a gun.  No, not open, not even noticeable.  Whatever, I just said I won't go to Christmas functions anymore and that will be the end of that.  I can visit my son and his wife, my mom, maybe my oldest brother tho I don't really think he cares either, just not hostile about it.  Another dysfunctional family, what else is new in America?  But I'm not showing up to a place where an individual has openly stated his intentions to attempt to severely hurt me and nothing has been said since then.   No thanks!

I'm looking on a map trying to figure out a different way back from Charleston, West Virginia besides the route that every app I've tried gives me to get back.  The reason is, coming back, once you get to Lexington? There isn't much of any place to stop off the Bluegrass Parkway.  I've been to one single place the truckstop apps give and it has very limited parking.  Very much a roll of the dice driving there and hoping there is a spot anywhere for 10 hours.  But after looking at a map for a while, it's obvious the time lost in stopping early - around 560 miles - doesn't equate to the miles increased in going another route.  I dunno, but tomorrow is Sunday so I expect to make a lot more miles than I would on any weekday. Should be interesting to see how far I can get? 650 miles maybe?

Whatever the case if I make it back to Lexington area early enough, I will stay at the Red Roof Inn again. I very much afford myself a night at a hotel on the way back if it's possible on any given 4 day run. 

Okay. It's late. Time to go to sleep.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...