Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Just FYI, I'm not some some stupid dimwit that just "follows the leader", ie: Trump. I have been following politics for many years.  I am not "falling" for Trump, I'm following what he is doing and what the left's reaction to every move he makes is.  CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, HUFFPOST, Vox and MANY other "news outlets" are nothing but anti Trump propaganda machines.  They don't care about facts, the truth or reality.  If you are an anti-Trumper, trump hater, on the left, progressive - etc ad nauseum, you  are the crowd that is being deceived.  You hear the liberal MSM, democratic "leadrers", Hollywood elitists and others mouthing off their hatred for Trump, I choose to look at numbers, graphs and the will of the American people. 

I've had my IQ tested, it came out at 133.  Do you Trump haters have anything like that? Do you go beyond your emotions to validate or dismiss anything and everything, much less all things Trump?  Please spare me your strawman arguments, your deflections, you raw anger and hatred.  Go find Jesus if your life is that miserable, mine is not. 

You want to have an argument about Trump and what he's done, let's have at it without all of your vitriol, emotional outbursts and dismissive rhetoric pumped out by your masters: the liberal MSM, the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, the Indian, Schumer and all the rest of them. I will stand up to any of your parroted talking points with FACT and NUMBERS, not emotionally drawn rhetoric.  Get over yourselves, look at the economy as the NUMBERS ARE PRESENTED and verified, and congratulate AMERICA for an outstanding state of being in terms of earthly existence.  EVERYTHING that Trump does is condemned by the left.  I wonder why? Because you are power hungry.  You don't care about America, you don't care about it's citizens or it's citizens well being, you want POWER to orchestrate your progressive idealism over all the rest of us, and I can narrow it down into a few words: Redistribution of wealth.  You want to take MY money and give it someone else? I worked for what I have, I don't give a shit about people that want to take my wealth and give it to themselves because they feel entitled to it. 


Enough of that. 
You want to go drama on me about Trump, I'm going to come right back at you, whoever you are, all of you. I do it on a daily basis in large groups, doing it on my blog is even easier. 

As for my personal life, which is what this blog is mostly about, I am heading off to Mapleton, Illinois tomorrow.  This is an easy trip. 3 days if I remember. Tomorrow is load at the plant and try to get minimum 600 miles in, then 10 hours later, the other 100 plus miles, get to the plant, get the thing unloaded and drive out whatever I can that day after it's done.  I don't even do the unloading there, the plant does all of that.  Not that I even care about unloading this cryogenic liquid anymore, I've been doing it long enough I am at least "comfortable" that I can deal with any situation arises.

Until, of course, a situation arises that I haven't deal with, lol.  There isn't much room for error with this stuff.  You really have to be on top of it when unloading, the entire time, totally focused on it, keep your mind off everything else.  I do not have a cellphone out at the plants I have to unload in.  Well, that's because a cellphone can ignite the stuff if it were leaking but also because it is too distracting. 

I stopped by the dealership today, we all shook hands, they gave me my new license plates - apparently Texas sends them to the dealer, not your home - and parted ways. 

I'm a pretty happy person right now, sans all the political bs going on in America right now.  Lots of reasons, some of it personal , some of it not.  Biggest thing with me is getting my spiritual life in order.  After that is family - some of that I don't think will ever be resolved but my son and I are tight at least and I have a great relationship with my mom.  My brothers, I'm pretty much living my life without and have given up on it.  Too much conflict, not based on my but based on parental junk that I have no control over and deep seated bitterness - and - though - a hatred for "religion".

I don't espouse religion, I promote relationship with Christ.  Religion is almost all about man, relationship is promoting a deep, heart conversation and love for and with the Lord.  Man's idea of religion in religious churches is a far different cry than what the Bible speaks about having a relationship with Christ.  God wants to speak to you. Man made religion wants to  control you.  That's about the easiest way I can define it.  God doesn't want to control you, he wants a heart relationship with you. 

That's where I'm going currently.  Getting back into church is a part of that.  Money comes after all of that.  Its nice to have, yes.  It's nice not to have to worry about bills, yes.  At the same time, I spend a lot of time out on the road to earn that money.  There's a trade off and not necessarily a good one. I often question myself if saving for retirement is really a good goal. Or saving for property, or all the rest of these earthly things. What does any of that have to do with the eternal kingdom of heaven?

Well whatever. 3:15 am comes early. I'll undoubtedly sleep like shit tonight. Every night when I have to get up that early, I don't sleep well and it's unexplicable.  So, tomorrow will be run on something around 3 to 4 hours of sleep even tho I'm going to bed in time for at least 6 and that will be that. 

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...