Monday, August 6, 2018

So I got out of the hotel, got into the truck, got the trailer - they had moved it to the rack at the plant themselves and saved me the time of using up HOS hours to do all of that and unload it.  Hooked up to the thing and walaah - half the lights not working on the trailer.  Figured that one out quickly - wires pulled out of the pigtail connector, took all of that apart, but the wires back and reconnected it and left.  I figured to try and make it to Prescott, Arkansas and leave myself just a short 140 jaunt to get back to the yard after that.

Well I realized around 7: 00 pm my manager hadn't contacted me so I figured I had the weekend and Monday off! woohoo!!  Yeah, no.  It was 8:36 pm and I got a text - load Sunday for Cheniere.  GAG. That is by far the latest she has contacted me with a load.  I always figure by 7:00 pm if she doesn't contact me I'm not getting one the next day, or if it's Friday I don't have to work that weekend. Instead, I drove 3 hours today and will spend the entire day tomorrow fooling with Cheniere and probably have to spend the night somewhere cause' if everything doesn't go perfectly, you aren't going to do a day trip.

So that carries me into Monday and then? I'll be out of hours.  Maybe 13 left on the clock.  That's enough for a day and then nothing.  Of course, if she's got more going than drivers to cover it, rest assured she'll dump me with whatever - would have to be something I can get to same day - and then I would have to  spend my 34 hour reset on the road.   The only good thing about that is that that is a guaranteed hotel stay. You don't get paid for detention or anything, but the hotel is covered by the company.

Anyway, I'm worn out.  I know I spent a night at a hotel but that trip just took it out of me.  I'm not sure about tomorrow, sometimes this feeling carries over into the next day and then I'm useless. Couple that with tomorrow being Sunday and it's a recipe for disaster.  There is something that clicks in my head on Sundays that this is a day off, time to relax...yet, I am forced to work most Sundays, last weekend being a notable exception.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...