Friday, August 10, 2018

I actually got 2 days off for the 34 hour reset.  It usually doesn't work out that way, but I hinted at needing a couple of days off.

I did not hint about Cheniere, however.  I made it perfectly clear that 1. my next paycheck is going to be substantially lower than any other check because you are sending me there continuously and 2. there are plenty of other drivers that can go down there.  Some of them can't because they don't have the credentials. Well gee golly willickers, go get them!  They don't want to for obvious reasons.

She doesn't force them to do it, some people refuse to go down there, but I have to? She actually asked me when my Safety Council card expires.  I don't know the card is in the truck. Shortly after I got hired a group of 3 of us went to take the training - 8 hours of hellish miserable monotone people talking about things that have absolutely nothing to do with what we are doing down there.  I don't care if it was paid.  Regardless, it's good for at least another 3 months. 

The other thing about Cheniere is it's driver unload.  Most other runs are not.  So we're also wasting the amount of time it takes to unload the truck which is usually at least a 3 hour process from the time you enter the plant until the time you leave it.  And often times much more than that. 

I have spent literally hours on the phone today with ATT, Direct TV and a few other service providing companies.  I couldn't access my account on Directv, as it turns out the reason was because my account had been suspended.  Why? The lady didn't know, I assume it's related to the fraud that whoever pulled on me using one of my phone numbers with ATT, one and the same company now.

We went through an hour on the phone before she fixed it AND offered a bunch of credit to my account (hundreds of dollars worth) for the inconvenience. I didn't even ask her for that, I was simply attempting to access my account online to pay the bill.  That's how I pay all the bills that aren't set up as auto pay.   But, while I got that figured out, ATT was more dicey. 

You see, I got the "free" 2 for 1 phone deal at the beginning of this year.  I have asked repeatedly about why the bill went up almost $40 considering the second phone is "free" and there should only be an additional $15 plus tax charge for unlimited phone and texting.  I ended up calling headquarters - if you ever need to call a company's headquarters and can't find the number, use Hoovers.  Just put the name of the company in the search field and put Hoovers next to it.  You will see something in the resulting list that says "company profile" by Hoovers and if there is a corporate number, you can be rest assured it will be listed there. Many companies will tell you they don't "have" a corporate number or they "don't know" it.  That's an obvious lie and I learned how to circumvent that years ago when I stumbled across the hoovers website. 

Anyway, we got into an elongated discussion an it turns out they charge a $40 data access fee for each line.  I was flabbergasted, because that phone doesn't have any data.  I only have data on my phone the other two they have to use wifi to connect to the internet and such.  It got pretty heated after a long while of him basically identifying ATT as a scam company that doesn't disclose all the info upon "upgrading" your account.  They even charged me a $25 "upgrade" fee. What a bunch of crap.  I'm paying them for the service and they want to charge me a fee to - use their service above the fees I'm already paying to use their service? So it's a fee for a fee? 

I was pretty outraged after that phone call and hearing all this junk.  I refused to hang up, I told him he'd have to hang up on me and that would be that.  I've got a year and a half on this phone payment contract, after that I'm departing ATT forever.  I may stick with Direct TV, but ATT cellular service I will never do business with again.  For now, I am going to eat it.  The only other option is to pay both phones off, but since I have only had these phones for 8 months, I still have a lot of paying off left to go, over $500 on each.  It may come to the point that when I get them paid down to around $200 each, I'll pay off the phones, get out of the contract and go to Verizon.  Or go somewhere else.  I don't liike Verizone customer service, but their coverage is far superior to everyone else. 

Anyway, that has consumed 2/3rd's of my day.  Just what I wanted to do on my days off. I just didn't want to deal with this stuff because I know the aggravation that ensues when you call these people,.  Most of the issues I am having with various services are now taken care, but a few left to go.  I need to fix my computer so I can plug in a "thing" in a port for it to run some sort of service to get movies that I want to watch off of it for free or next to nothing and reduce my current Direct TV bill by around $100.  I'm paying for that here, I'm also paying for it over there.  That just went up by $50 but they are covering it so no concern to me about that one.  This one tho I want to bring down.  And I still need to get my car totally cleaned out, find the title and get rid of it.  That will bring down my monthly insurance payment which is pretty high right now.  That's another project - see if i can find cheaper insurance. I've tried a few companies but so far, no better offers have come my way.

Get an insurance quote is also time consuming and can also be very aggravating.  I'm not doing that today.  I think I: am going to ask for 3 or 4 days off, whenever it's convenient, to take care of personal stuff.  The car, the insurance, stuff that needs to be done around here.

As it stands, I also had a window unit installed in my room today. AC unit that is.  This room gets warm. I know there' not that much time left before winter hits, but I have trouble sleeping at night.  This room I'm in is huge, but it's an add on. It was a garage or carport and they obviously didn't put in enough insulation.  The central AC outlet doesn't have that much coming out of it either.  I just decided I wasn't going to lay there in the middle of the night, uncomfortable, ;trying to sleep because it's too hot in here.

I still have laundry to do and cook dinner. I have a chicken fryer brining in the fridge, it's ready to be cooked.  Yikes, it's almost 3:00 pm.  I probably should think about getting that sucker in the oven.  I am also awaiting whatever I'm going to get dumped with over the weekend.  I don't get weekends off, hardly ever. I have to specifically ask for it and then it's "I'll see what I can do".  Ok, what does that mean?  I'm telling ya, the only thing that keeps me at this company right now is the money. If that weren't there I would have already high tailed it out of there.  I have no loyalty to any company anymore, they don't have any loyalty to you.  They really don't.  They can cut you at any time and they'll think nothing of it.  I have no tenure at this company and I don't see any reason to cut them any slack when it comes to who is getting what runs. 

It affects my paycheck, that is reason enough in itself.

And, now that I have this AC unit cranking, my room is nicely chilled!  Very nice. 

I may write something up later, but I have stuff to do now.  There is no reason to assume I have tomorrow off, I may or I may not, but if I don't, I need to be ready to go.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...