Thursday, August 16, 2018

Okaaaaaay.  Not what I was expecting.  I'm only going to complain because I won't be home to watch the boys for my friends while they go out.  That is a little sucky, yes, but they knew there was the possibility that I would end up getting stuck up here.  I had this feeling pulling in there today, the plant that is......

So yeah, I made up it up to Mapleton in time for the appointment.  Not like time was an issue, I got to my stop place for the night yesterday rather early.  I got up at 4:30 am, got my cup of coffee and got out of there.  I really wanted this to work out, that I would get home tomorrow and they could go do their thing.  I pulled into the their plant, got into the security office, they recognized me so no checking of ID or anything at that place, called the person up on the phone.  Okay, you can go in!  Okkkkk.

I was pulling up to their portion of the plant.  If I am stopped before the unload site, that means I'm pulling the truck into the parking site and sure enough, this guy was waiting out there, signalling me to hold up.  My heart sank.  I mean, I really wanted to help my friends out for their anniversary.  "Let me guess", when he got to the truck.  "Yup".  This was really a "bad" wait, too. Because the options were to redirect to somewhere else with the load, pump out a partial load and go back or go back without unloading.  They aren't  going to send me all the way back to the plant without unloading unless the wait was going to be wayyyy toooooooo long.  And even then, if the plant I'm delivering to agrees to pay for all of it - which they do in their contract but this would be much longer wait so it would have to be agreed to - they will have the driver wait, put that driver up in a hotel, pay the driver an hourly wage the entire time they are waiting. 

Well this went on for 5 hours.  I spent the entire time still holding onto hope that it would still work out  - but it didn't.  Ridiculous. Not that I don't get to go home but that I had to wait at that freaking plant for FIVE hours to get a decision?  Lots of variables involved but still.  Anyway, I"m stuck here until Saturday afternoon.  I'm over helping my friends - it is what it is, I let them know, sorry.  Now, it's a paid vacation in a decent - well pretty nice hotel actually, I'll be here 2 nights.  It's 3:15 in the after noon, it's going to be quite a while before I get out of here. The only thing I miss is my dogs.  Would be great if they were here with me : ) 

I am considering going out tomorrow and finding something to do. I literally could sit in this hotel room all day today and tomorrow and be content and not get bored.  Between movie channels and free wifi (very welcomed considering I was almost out of data for my phone), I can keep my mind stimulated.  And frankly, just laying in bed and sleeping isn't a bad idea either. 

But, there are some interesting things to do around here. A Caterpillar museum.  I'm quite sure I would find that fascinating.  A bowling alley - I suck at bowling but I love it!.  A museum a zoo and some bars.  There was an asylum here, it's still listed, but it's been torn down according to remarks.  I think it would be very interesting.  Ghosts allegedly filled the place - it was abandoned of course.  I suppose there isn't much you are going to do with an asylum after the fact besides get rid of it. 

I'll cross that bridge tomorrow, if I even do it.  Perhaps my outing will be to the breakfast place down the road and a stop at Starbucks?  I dunno lol.  It would be more motivating to do those touring things if I were with someone. 

Anyway, James turned me on to an app that does a total type of workout without a gym.  I need that.  At least get started.  Tomorrow morning I"m going to start.  The first day is a bunch of pushups - but various kinds of pushups. So it works your pectorals and then I assume the next day will be focused on some other groupings of muscles. 

Lol, well I'm just kinda happy right now.  Getting paid to sit around and do whatever I want?  You really can't beat that.  I don't think I'd get that if I bought my own truck tho with this company.  But they make obscene amounts of money so I guess it doesn't matter.  I'd love to take home 100k a year after taxes and not do any more driving than I am now. Tho, right now, I'm doing a lot of driving. And since I'll have a 34 hour reset here in this hotel, it is highly likely I'll be sent right back out the next day after getting home.  So, that will motivate me to drive out the day and into the night on Saturday to get maximum miles and leave as little as possible for the next day to get home, do some laundry, visit with my doggies, etc.  I think I'm going to lose my dogs to my friends at the other house for lack of my being around enough.  Addler about pounces me on the floor tho whenever I do get home.  Not like they don't remember who I am lol.

But it's weighing on me and my goal is to eventually switch over to another division in this company with gasoline or find another job altogether that gets me home nightly doing the gas stuff. Not much of anything else gets you home like that unless you live in different regions, such as the Houston area.  I'm not moving to Houston, thanks, if I wanted to do that I would just move back to Phoenix.  In fact, the day may come that I will do that.  Move back to Phoenix that is, but, buy property up in the mountains.  I'm getting to the point where I really need to decide what I'm going to do, age isn't helping me out in that matter, I don't have forever. 

Well, I will probably write another Trump post later or tomorrow, but for now? This post is done. 

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