Saturday, August 18, 2018

Well that deteriorated quickly.
I was 2 blocks from the theater - I was really looking forward to watching a movie in a theater, just haven't done it in a while and then I was going to go to a local museum and who knows what else I might come across in the area - when the phone rings.  It's my manager.  I really had no guess as to why she would be calling.

"Has the plant called you yet?".  Umm, no.  She probably was seeing me driving the truck with the Quaalcomm set at Off Duty Drive option. It means I can drive the truck while off duty and not start the 14 hour clock. You can only do that driving the tractor only, not with a trailer.  They did change the rule recently tho, that if you were held up at a delivery point or being pulled over by cops or stopped at a weigh stand and ran out of hours, you can drive truck and trailer to nearest "safe haven".  I haven't tried that yet tho I have come close to needing it twice now.

"No, what's up?".  "Go get the trailer and bring it back to the yard".  Oh, I thought, here goes my trip to the movie theater and other destinations and here goes my off time being paid.  That was supposed to go on into the next day, which is today.  You know, get "time off" in you head, it's hard to shake it.  Oh and I had bought a $3 pair of swim trunks to go swimming or sit in the indoor jacuzzi.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself, not at all, it's just musing about the things that go on in life.

It turns out they weren't going to have the plant up and running until Tuesday.  I can tell ya, I would have loved to sit there until Tuesday, getting paid for 120 of doing nothing but sitting around. Our company won't do that, tho, limited numbers of trailers and drivers, they can't have one sitting around for 5 days doing nothing. Our company doesn't foot the bill for detention pay, so that wouldn't have mattered, just having a trailer sitting idle and out a driver does matter.  I still got 29 hours of detention pay, the trip is still a very high paying one.

And yes, I went back to the hotel instead of the theater, got my stuff, got out of there, over to the plant, under the trailer and hit the road.  Drove 600 plus miles, stopped outside of Texarcana and then drove back today.  I've been home all of an hour lol.  Here's the thing tho, their plans for going out for their anniversary are now back on the table.  I'm tired but I won't have too much watching of kids before they have to go to bed.  They sleep through the night so this should really not be any big deal.

Glad to be home!  Nothing today.  Just nothing.  I'm going to laze around and watch TV.  Tomorrow is a day off, in fact I believe Monday is off as well.  She hands out work assignments to cover Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Friday.  That doesn't, of course, mean she won't call me, but my fingers are crossed for 2-1/2 days off.  Rest, get some stuff done and enjoy something other than the sight of asphalt and concrete highways.

Okay. Well, a night alone. Well with the doggies of course : ) They're crashed out lol.  Kids are in bed, shouldn't have to do anything about that and they are out at a country western type of dancing venue - dancing.  Didn't know the misses of the house was into dancing.  It's all good for me, I'm content to be in my bedroom, AC running, a movie about Churchill on, a little writing, no work, no business, just relax : )

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