Sunday, August 19, 2018

Nothing against Rene, at all actually. She came back from her 2 week trip to see friends and family yesterday and wanted to come see the dogs - yesterday actually. Uhh, please, tomorrow, I've been out on the road for quite a while, tomorrow works better.  Well, she did show up today. I was in the kitchen tending to food I was cooking - I love to cook, well actually I love smoking food on the smoker.

I said nothing to the dogs, they heard her voice coming through the door and they went running. I continued to keep silent.  60 seconds later they were both in the kitchen, with me, at my side.  I'm only human.  I love my dogs, I like to think they "love" me back in their version of affection in a pack.  I'd like to think they want to be around me as much as I like being around them. They didn't fail me today. Without any coercion or even a word spoken to them they came back to papa : ) 

Yes, it made me feel good. My dogs spend probably as much time over there as they do here.  It's good that they love her, really it is.  But, after so much time on the road lately, I just had that thing in me that wondered if they were better off over there instead of with me?  Maybe I don't deserve to have dogs since I can't be with them everyday.

I don't know, just a lot of thoughts run through my head.  There are many times when I wished my Dane was traveling with me.  I could easily make it happen on a trip here and there, a bit of extra work but it would be worth it.  Of course, they don't allow dogs in trucks in my company and so that's not even a consideration. 

I'll be honest, I'd even get a small doggy if it meant it could travel with me.  But whatever. These plants don't care about your personal lives or how you feel,, they are doing you a favor letting you in there, so they think. I don't give a shit about their "thinking" or their attitudes, especially prevalent at Cheniere.  There are aspects of this job I could definitely do without, the security arrogance - that is: the way security handles themselves - I could do without. 

I could sneak a dog with me if I really wanted to. It's only an issue at the plant loading and at the plant unloading.  Everything in between is irrelevant.  And some places? You are dropping a trailer and hooking up to another. You aren't even there that long. The Charleston run in West Virginia run is an example  I spend about 20 minutes in the plant  Why would I risk doing such a thing? Because I don't give a damn about their disdain for people's lives and my dog isn't going to get out of the truck in their plant and therefore, it poses zero liability to them. 

Do you ever wonder about "safety"?  What I have come to understand that some person in power's version of safety is a reaction to some person that did something who is a complete idiot, so affect everyone because of it.  It's in the name of safety  Right?  Whose safety?  What is my dog going to do in the sleeper of my truck? Piss or poop on accident? 

The shit that goes on in this life....

I'm tired of it. 

Cold food.
Gets old.
Hence the reason I end up eating truckstop food. I can only eat refrigerated food/leftovers so long before I get tired of it and need a hot meal. 
It was - amazing - to see the line of cookware you can get for a truck. 
The thing is, this truck I'm in - and most trucks nowadays - has a power converter in it. This one is only 1500 watts - but I really only use it to charge my notebook, not much of anything else. 

So even tho they make these 12 volt things, I could actually run a regular crockpot or microwave in there.  Or oven toaster.  You know what would be great tho is a crock pot. Just prepare dinners in advance, throw it in large seal bags, get up in the morning, pour the bag into the crockpot and when I'm done driving? Dinner is ready!  That thing could just sit on the floor of the sleeper. 

I could also get a small microwave for reheating foods.  This truck has a bunk bed, which I don't use obviously. The top bunk is a giant shelf. I have plenty of room to store stuff up there.  This is more about eating healthier food than it is about saving money on truckstop food on the road.  Cold sandwiches are good, but at the end of a 14 hour day I"m looking for a hot meal. I think a small crockpot would answer that desire.

Chicken, beef and pork.  It all works.  I've just spent the last 7 of 8 days on the road.  Now, in a hotel I won't do anything like that. I can drive to get whatever is healthier eating in the area, I don't have to succumb to truck stop food. 

These are small investments for happier driving experience. 


I have no idea when they came back last night. I left my bedroom door open but didn't hear them come in.  Heck, they pull up their vehicle right in front of my bedroom window and I still didn't hear them. I did wake up around 2:45 am and they hadn't made it back yet.  I'm assuming/hoping that means they had a great time without having to tow around kids and not having to pay for a babysitter.  I don't mind babysitting here and there, last night was easy. They put the kids to bed and there was nothing left to do.  Those kids are still sleeping and I just got done with 8 hours of sleep! 

Oops, I'm hearing sounds of kids wanting to get up...One of them is going to have to get up and deal with it.  I would but I have no idea what the morning routine is. 

I haven't decided on goals for the day besides getting dinner in the crockpot.  Which it already is.  And smoking a pork loin, which I haven't started on yet but the day is quite young.  Well, maybe not that young, but enough to be able to smoke the thing for a couple of hours and then put it in the over on about 225 to finish it off.  I figure if I start that around noon it should be good by dinner time.

I really need to drain out the pond, get the fish out of it if there's any in there and clean the thing out  Tree leaves and such have it black.  Just the consequences of having a back yard surrounded by giant, 100 plus foot tall trees: leaves, bark, branches, spike balls and other nonsense falls from them year round.  It doesn't have to be fall to be....fall. 

I may just do that today, tho I'm fearful of the heat index.  It's going to get up to 94 degrees today with medium humidity - enough to make it feel much hotter than 94 degrees.  But, it needs to be don and can probably finish the project in an hour or so.  I think, lol. 

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