Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Now lookit here, I went up to Mapleton on Wednesday, got there Thursday, layover until Friday.  The story is their pump was broken and it needed fixed but it would be done on Saturday.  I was supposed to wait up there 2 days until they could get the pump going and unload the trailer. Friday, no, they tell me, it won't be done until Tuesday.  So I drag the full trailer back to the yard, go home for 2 days and back up there again, arriving this morning. Same trailer, same product in the trailer, the pressure wasn't going up so they just let it sit there. 

I get up there the second time and the dude tells the security guard at the entrance on the phone to tell me to drop the trailer, they can't take it today.  Lololololol. I dropped the trailer, went in to find out why they can't take it - my manager would be asking.  They had taken the pump apart and found a filter that needed to go to the machine shop, it should be done tomorrow.  Alright.  I went and got something to eat and then headed to the hotel.  The hotel hadn't received my info yet - which was a good thing. I would have gotten checked in for nothing.

Why?  Because they called me from the plant and told me that the pump wouldn't be operational until Saturday - which is 3 days from now - and that the plant where we get the product told them to tell me to bring the trailer back  - yes folks - loaded.  I would have preferred an overnight in the hotel and get the detention pay, but oh well. Just amazing these people are throwing this much money away having me drive back and forth like this.  The total mileage for both trips will be somewhere aorund 3,200 miles.  I couldn't get close to the yard today, I started in East Saint Louis this morning to head up to the plant and then after all the rigarmaroo, I ended up at a small truck stop in a town called Pocahontas in Arkansas. 

Nice little Mexican food restaurant, had some dinner and now? It's not even 8:00 pm, it's too early to go to sleep.  I'm no complaining about this run, btw, it's almost as good as the Brownsville run.  Which I haven't been on in 3 weeks or so now.  No statement as to why and no response when I asked.  I just let it go.  Whatever.  Haven't had to go to Cheniere in over a week, so that's been nice.  I guess my little message was taken to heart - the one about how I wasn't going to have much of a paycheck if she kept sending me to that place continuously without getting anything else thrown in.  I'm sure my time is coming - maybe even next run - to go back down to that place and deal with it. 

Oh well. I'm trying to "make" myself tired so I can go to sleep, for there is nothing to do where I am currently parked besides getting some exercise. 

With that, I think I will put this up, get my stuff ready for the morning and get ready to go to sleep.

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