Saturday, August 25, 2018

I drove like a madman today.  Not like, speeding or anything, hard to speed in a truck set at 65mph on highways that are mostly 70 or 75 mph speed limits.  I just mean I only stopped once on the way down and that was to take the mandatory 30 minute break. Because I was driving the tractor only and not being slowed down by the weight of a trailer, I made excellent time.  Hardly had to slow down anywhere excepting some small towns where the speed limit goes down to 35, 40, what have you.

I drove 677 miles.  At 65 mph in 11 hours, I can go maximum 715 miles. That would be driving 65 mph continuously without slowing down or stopping for anything, so yes, that is a very good day.  I got down to Brownsville, got off the driving clock, got hooked up and drove right on out of there. 108 miles back up the road and had fully 3 minutes left before I had to get off the driving clock for the day.  Lol. This is literally the middle of nowhere as far as I'm concerned. A small town, a truckstop and a hotel next to it. There is a Dairy Queen here - which actually has truck parking - but I opted against that, figuring I would end up going in and getting a giant Blizzard full of calories.  Lol, it's actually within walking distance, but no, I'm not going.

There is a hotel right next to the truckstop - I thought about that for a while. I'm going to be sitting here 11 hours.  But the thought of getting up at 3 am, having to grab all the stuff and haul it to the truck at that hour of the morning? No thanks.  Yea I know, sitting in a truck that long.  Worse, it's hot outside so I'm not really desirous of getting out and doing anything.  Some exercise would be nice tho.  The good thing is, I chiseled off 108 miles of the trip going back tomorrow.  The other good thing is I finally stopped at a place that actually has very good cell service. ATT isn't all that great, the rest area I was going to stop at? No cell service at all.  There is no way I'm sitting this long without at least having internet access.  I'm very likely going to watch a movie in a bit, I just have to think of what I want to watch. 

Anyway, I'm going to get up at 3 am, get a coffee and get out of here.  Tomorrow is Sunday so driving through Houston should be a piece of cake.  I'm about 4 hours from there so it will still be early enough to avoid whatever Sunday traffic may accumulate. 


I watched The Last Samurai. Not a big Cruise fan but this was a really good movie IMO. 

Oh, I forgot to get into the drama of yesterday going into today at the other house.  I don't have time for that.  I'll just pepper it with crack, money stolen and a person that needs help.  Maybe get into that tomorrow after I get home. 

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...