Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Pressure problems.
Old trailer, of course. It just has plain old insulation like the kind you'd find in your attic.
The new trailers have vacuum jackets that keep the temp down and keep the product from starting to boil, which starts the pressure to start building up.

I've spent hours of my time since I came to this hotel dealing with this nonsense.
There is really no way they should be sending one of these old trailers on a trip this far.
That's the end of the story. Apparently a driver told my manager that a new trailer - which is a bit over 10 feet longer - will not fit in to this plant. I'll find out tomorrow.

But now? I have to deal with it.  I spent 2 hours this morning fooling with this nonsense and then
felt confident enough to take off to Walmart to get a much-needed haircut.  I wanted a new pair of shoes, but they had nothing that looked appealing to me.

So, I bought some "Tide pods" and some dryer sheets - I need to do a load of laundry today or I will be wearing dirty clothes on the way back. I took a bit of extra clothing but 8 days worth is a lot of clothing to pack.  My bedding in the truck needs to be washed anyway, so a couple of loads.

But before that, I'm going back outside, let off some  more pressure and then hopefully walk up to the theater and finally see Alpha. Just depends on where the pressure is at.  I want to go to the first showing, later showings are too late. I want to do  my laundry after the movie. I will need to be at the plant at 6:00 am and happily so, I will be there.  I was up til midnight last night keeping an eye on the pressure, I finally just said screw it and fell asleep - for 3 hours.  I bolted up right out of a dead sleep, got up at 3:00 and yes, went out there and checked the pressure.

Fortunately, it cools way down here at night and that helps to keep the pressure from building up.  So, in 3 hours it had "only" gone up 4 pounds.  Now, in a new trailer, it wouldn't go up that much in 24 hours.  I'm wishing myself luck that the pressure will be good when I go back out there in a few minutes. But if it's gone up, I'll stand out there for however long and deal with it and hopefully have it to a pressure by the time I need to leave for the theater that will have it low enough by the time I get back that it isn't a serious issue.

One thing I am doing here? A lot of walking. Looking in the mirror, I just said enough of this.  Getting fatter and fatter.  I'm trying to do a work out program, but it's not enough. I'm going to have to do some serious changes to my eating habits, admittedly, that's going to be difficult.  I'm really trying but there is a lot more I need to incorporate on a daily basis to actually start losing fat.  The walking can't hurt tho.

Oh, speaking of walking, I stopped at Payless shoe source to get some shoes.  I don't much care for the quality of what they sell, but the sale price was good enough that I actually bought 3 pairs of shoes and 3 bags full of socks for $49.

Okay. Well I'm back in the room.  I'm watching the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh.  I read earlier that there was a ridiculous outcry from democrats when it first started and that there were people protesting in the room.  In other words, total chaos.  Well, it's in order now, I don't hear any objections coming from Democrats and right now? There is a man up there absolutely reaming Congress for the way it behaves.  I don't remember his name, but he is very nicely articulating what a lot of us think about establishment politicians that are career oriented to save their positions of power versus simply doing their jobs.

Another 50 minutes dealing with pressure.  Gag.  But I'm confident it will hold well enough to spend 3 hours doing the movies.  Just come straight back after it's out - and probably spend another hour at least with this nonsense.

But I am determined to go see the movie, It says it's only an 1 hour and 37 minutes, add half an hour walk time and wait time for the movie to start, short of 3 hours, I should be good.  It helps that the outside temp today is much lower than it was yesterday.


Nice walk to the theater.  Very good movie.  Basically a tribe living in the wilderness.  They take a bunch of young men on a journey to kill buffalo.  Long story shortened: the son of the tribe's chief falls off the side of a cliff, thrown over actually by a buffalo, lands on a ledge way down below.  The father howls his name for what appears to be at least a full day, but the boy is unconscience. They leave him for dead.  The boy then wakes up with a vulture in his face, and then endures a long journey home, relete with a wild wolf that becomes his friend.  You kinda have to be into movies like this, otherwise you might find it boring.  Anyway, very happy that I finally got to go. 

Stopped at a place on the way back to have a bowl of soup and a salad.  Very taste and very filling.  Back at the hotel, gritting my teeth for what may face me with this trailer, it was up to 70 pounds.  Really, very much less than I thought it would be at.  I figured at least 80 pounds, so that was a nice surprise. I decided to get laundry going instead of standing out there for an hour and a half venting down pressure.  I can do that a little later when the sun starts going down and cools off a bit. 

Apparently the first day of hearings is over, or if not, they aren't showing any more of it.  I'm waiting to see the recaps of the beginning when "people" including the left politicians were allegedly shouting and freaking out.  Totally planned of course, stupid and non-productive. Unfortunately I have 2 loads of laundry to do considering I decided to wash my bedding, but it really needed it. I should have washed it before this trip, but then again, I didn't know I was going on this trip until the evening before I was to leave.  But then again, again, I should know that stuff like this can occur and be prepared at all times.  It was just getting dirty from extended use. 

Well that's my day, so far.  I'm watching the news, now about Nike and using Kaepernick as the new face of the "just do it" ads they do.  Of course, the resulting getting pissed off was expected, I'm sure Nike weighed the costs of taking such a move.  Kaepernick, quoted, says "the U.S. oppresses black people", which is a bunch of malarky and why I don't respect him or his "movement" whatosever, at all.  Virtue signaling, identity politics, using a platform that most Americans can see is simply the wrong place to engage.  I don't see Kaepernick or anyone of the kneelers out on the streets doing crusades and campaigns?  I consider them anti-American.  Use some other venue and more importantly, some other way other than dissing our Anthem and flag. 

But I hear it all the time.  "F*** your flag", from blacks on the internet.  I'm quite sure they aren't all saying that, but I have encountered a large number of them.  They try to claim they "built" America, which is more baloney loaded with fruitcakery.  They may have had part in it, but not all of America owned slaves at the time slavery was a thing.  There's all kinds of nationals that can be accredited with building America. 


I'm completely worn out.  I need much of nothing to do for the next however many hours  until I have to get up - 5 am - to rest.  My laundry is almost done.  I just got done dealing with pressure once again. I'm pretty sure tomorrow is going to be a very long day.  First off, they are firing up that plant.  I was already informed to "show up at 6am and probably wait around a while".....well why have me show up at 6am if you aren't going to be ready?   But grin and bear it. 

My legs, however, are the biggest bearer of the brunt. I've done more walking in the last 24 hours than I"ve done in quite a long time. Calculated, yes.  I'm going to get myself back into exercise mode and that means doing things you might not want to do. 

So whatever.  I"m done with this one.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...