Sunday, September 9, 2018

Well here we go with Sunday morning. Sleeping in until almost 10 am felt really good!  Tomorrow I'm asking Ann for a 3rd day off.  I really need a break from this rat race.  If I didn't go back to work until Friday it wouldn't bother me in the least. Of course, it might affect my paycheck....

But I did get up and fire up the smoker.  Wasn't sure I wanted to do that until I walked outside. Very nice! 73 degrees. A bit muggy but still feels good, that motivated me to fire the thing and let it smoke a while before putting anything in there. I just repainted it before I left on that last run and tho I didn't paint the interior, I still want to make sure any bad stuff is burned out of there. 

Maybe another half hour and then I can put my rack of ribs and my small roast in there, then find the recipe for the spicy meatloaf.  I think that only takes like 2 hours to cook so no hurry there. 

And that may be the extent of my doings for today. Tomorrow I can get down to business and get some stuff done. 

Okay, I might go up to Walmart and try to get some Koi again.  They don't exactly come rushing to the aquariums whenever you go in there to buy some.  In fact, you can push the button and not have anyone show up for at least 10 minutes.  Last time, I waited so long I just walked out of the store with nothing.  I didn't buy anything else and I can assure you, I am attempting to make Walmart lessor of a stop on my list than it used to be.  They run the mom and pops out of business and town, the money doesn't go back into the local economy it goes to the corporate giant. They may have great prices on things, but as long as I'm making decent money, I'll pass on it as much as I can.

On that note, there is a local company that is hiring drivers. It isn't hazmat or tankers and it doesn't pay as much - but - home every weekend and still making around 60 to 65 k per year.  I'm still trying to make it a year here at this current place, they don't make it any easier by rolling out new stringent rules about getting bonuses.  Staying out of accidents and incidents should count for something, that's what the ultimate goal of safety is. 

I'm going to try, after a year at this place and if I last that long, to find local tanker jobs.  It's worth a try at least.  Before delving into something completely different that doesn't pay as much. 

But enough of that and this entry, I'm going to relax and enjoy my day off : )

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