Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I texted my manager about getting another day off and therefore not having to go back to work any earlier than Wednesday.  She hasn't responded yet - she's always busy, always on conference calls, or talking to drivers with problems, or people in her office.
She's pretty well over worked.  My issues with this company are not really about her at all.  In fact, she really needs an office assistant, there's just no way around that.  Her days off she still gets driver calls and texts for problems or needing a hotel room or this and that.  I don't envy her position.  If she says no, it's no, I'll go back to work tomorrow quite begrudgingly, get in the truck and drive.

Regardless of when I go back to work, I really want short runs. Brownsville is a short run.  2 days, one overnight.  I mean short in terms of time out, not distance traveled.
Cheniere is a short run tho as anyone that has read this blog for a well knows, I hate that place.  Destined to get another run there sooner or later and also to drive down to Corpus Cristi whenever that plant fires up and load them up as well.

Whatever the case, that Washington run was a very limited thing that happens only once every few years.  They just don't use that much Ethylene apparently and the product is keep cool in double lined vacuum jackets.  I personally can't see ethylene sitting around for years without it heating up unless they have a way to refrigerate it back down tho.  But who am I, I'm hardly an expert on this stuff.  Definitive learning experience.

Meanwhile, I get a call from Taylor at 7:45 am.  I was sleeping, yes, I sleep much better at home in my own bed than I do in that truck.  Hotels are the only exception while on the road, I usually sleep well in a hotel bed unless it's a lumpy, bad bed or there are people making too much noise.  Anyway, she actually had tried to call twice, I had the ringer off but the vibrating thing was on and eventually woke me up.  The baby is sick, throwing up at the daycare. Gag.

She just started a new job, they are broke because of a gap in employment between the 2 jobs - but she still tried to find someone to babysit him.   The daycare had called her and said they couldn't deal with him like that.  I agreed to watch him - but boy am I paying for that. He isn't throwing up, he's got bad diahrea.  I'm no fan of changing diapers, but this kind  of mess is even worse.  But, she's a very close friend and I am happy to help her when I can.  Just not something I would want to do very often, at least not while the boy is sick like that.  He's 1 year old and change, he can't even talk yet to let anyone know what he needs.

Anyway, I changed him 3 times after he got home and then he started getting reaaaaaalllllyyyy cranky and crying and fussing, so I put him to bed - that after trying to give him milk and something to eat to make sure that wasn't the problem, but with the runs, he probably has an upset stomach.  So, he's been sleeping for a little over 3 hours, thank God, I'm sure there will be a mess to clean up when he wakes up but at least I got that much of a reprieve from it. 4-1/2 more hours and she'll be home to deal with this.

They aren't really going through such a great spell in life right now, with expenses mounting.  The washing machine started leaking. It's had several problems since they came back. The dryer timer is malfunctioning. They decided to go get a new set on credit.  I know those days - no money, but the need is great.  You can't have a family of 4 without having a washer and dryer set unless you want to spend a lot of time at the laundromat.  I would have financed the purchase myself if they hadn't been able to get a place to give them a loan.  Preferred not to, but I can't be living here without a washer and dryer.  It takes way too much time to go to a laundromat versus having it here and being able to do other stuff while doing laundry.

Hopefully nothing else goes bad, but unless the AC quits, everything else is in good working order and even if it went bad, wouldn't cost much to fix or replace.  I had found a used set at an appliance store for a very good price, but she balked at the 30 day warranty.  I admit that isn't much of a warranty, but you figure if it's going to go out, it would do it within the 30 days.  I've had great luck buying people's used sets, they just want to upgrade if you are getting it from a wealthier family.  But this was at a store, that does give financing.  Anyway, they did what they wanted to do and I'm fine with that.  It's not on me, I have enough bills to cover, no, they didn't ask for my help and they mostly don't. They are quite independent people that really don't want handouts from anyone, they want to make it on their own. They both have great work ethics, there isn't really anything to complain about them at all.  They do the best they can with what they've got.

Well, there sort of goes my day anyway.  The reason I asked for another day off, I want one where I can go out and do stuff. I'm not totally complaining tho.  It's raining outside, just a lazy day.  I was going to make Salisbury steak tonight, but that plan is nixed since I can't go to the store.  Just going to have to find something to make that is already here.  Rene should be able to come over tomorrow after she gets her pre op stuff done and after she takes Aspyn to the vet - she needs a heartworm shot.  Mosquitoes around here are terrible.  Dogs get heartworm all the time if they aren't regularly treated.

Well that was easy. I buy rib eyes when they are on sale, there's numerous packages of them in there.  Just pulled out a 3 pack and walaah.  Bake some potatoes, throw in a veggie, grill the steaks and there you have it.

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