Thursday, September 13, 2018

Well, that changed.  The plant in South Carolina cancelled the order and now I'm going to Corpus Christi tomorrow instead.  Someone decided to inform me that there is a tropical depression that will be hovering over that area - tomorrow - lol.  I have a rain coat, I can deal with it, but if there are thunderstorms? The plant won't take the delivery until the lightning goes away and they likely won't stand in the rain for 2 hours dealing with the unloading of the truck.  It's just rain tho, it's nothing like a Hurricane, I'll deal with it if they will. If I show up and they turn me away? Detention pay.

Rene - I don't know if she's in the hospital still or what. She got on my FB and said she was doing great, but I don't know any specifics. I do know that she won't be in any condition to watch my dogs and I sure as hell am not leaving my doggies over with Donny. First off, he leaves his dog in the hous over there when he goes on these binges without saying anything and second off, after the exchange via texting? I'll never trust him again.  I'll leave them here. 

All this nonsense going on over there is highly annoying, to say the least. 

Anyway, the hurricane is starting to hit hit the shores, the predictions weren't exactly right but from the appearance it's a good thing they told people to leave. No one can perfectly predict storms, and if you don't warn people and you don't get all this stuff on board at the beginning before it hits?  Well, the President gets accused of not caring.  I'm so sick of the endless accusations of our President. 

Anyway, this is a new plant I'm going to, I have no idea if anyone's been there yet, forgot to ask about that, it's not the greatest miles but it's better than the other Cheniere and it will get me some miles started towards the next paycheck. 
So yesterday, all hell broke loose over at the other house.  As far as I'm concerned, Donny has gone off the deep end and yes Donny, since this is the only place I write about such things and you mentioned my "social media content", you need help.  You need to get yourself into a rehab center, apply yourself towards getting out of your addiction and get on with your life. Find something to do besides sitting in your bedroom watching a TV which you no longer have....because of your addiction.  I don't hate you, I don't wish you evil or harm, I wish you would deal with this. To blame all of this on Rene is ludicrous, outrageous and unbelievable. 

She said you kept turning off the AC yesterday because - spite.  Anger, rage, pettiness, selfishness.  Whatever dude.  Get a grip.  I'm not interested in your excuses, you stole my money off the kitchen table, you disappeared, you brought the drug dealer over to that house, you screwed up, deal with your situation and move on with life. Or don't, wallow in it, and end up dying in it, because addictive drug use never has a good ending.  Get into church, speak to a minister, get the help of people that care if you won't do rehab.  Whatever.

Enough of that.  My manager called today and said she has a run going to - South Carolina.  I chuckled at that one.   I've been to that plant if it's the one I'm thinking of, once.  It's on the west side of the state, well away from the coast.  I said fine, I'll take it, always love an adventure.  But I think if I do end up taking the run that the worst I'm going to run into is maybe some heavy rain and wind.  But whatever, I'll take a challenge for the fun of it.  The other 2 options were to go to Massachusetts - too far, I don't want to do another long run after just getting done with another one.  It's too long away from home, I want that kind of run to be far and few between if possible. I didn't even know we had an account in Massachusetts.  I don't really understand what's going on, the longer timers in the company usually want those long runs.  I was in Massachusetts last winter, saw enough of that place. 

The other run is down to Houston. That's a one day run, home that night almost always. Doesn't pay much but it pays sufficient on a one day basis.  I've apparently been moved out of the Brownsville run.  I can only guess that longer term drivers figured out how profitable a 2 day run can be.  Lots of miles, only 2 days out, if you're out longer that's because you are getting detention pay and that adds up quite a lot. 

Well I'm waiting on this run, cause' they don't know yet if the plant is going to stay open.  If it isn't I just asked for the Houston run. 

I'm on my 5th day off and I have really loved most of it. Sans watching a sick 1 year old baby, but I did that cause' I wanted to help my friends.  But I can tell ya, that baby has a lot of energy and is a handful.  The only thing I didn't love is finding damage to the grill on my new vehicle. Somebody ran into it, hit it, not sure.  But the "Ford" emblem is covered with white paint where it appears something backed into it or drove by, is smashed in and the chrome grill itself is cracked, tho only in one place.  Just pissed me off.  If you damage someone's vehicle,l own up to it, pay for the damages. You don't just drive off and say too bad so sad.  Makes me want to mount a camera system on my vehicle just like you can do on big trucks. 

I go out of my way to park well out in parking lots to keep vehicles away from it. It's in that good of a condition.  Trying to keep the thing in good condition so it will still have a good trade in value when I go to get a truck.

Well that's it for me today.  Watching the hurricane news, tho that is getting boring, it isn't going to do a whole lot until tonight or tomorrow morning.  Trump gets credit for mobilizing in advance whatever the states need and declaring emergencies in those states.  There is nothing more he can do, so reading from the left about his lack of concern is rather humorous. 

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...