Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Yesterday was grueling for me.
I woke up at 1 am for whatever reason and never was able to get back to sleep.
13 plus hours of driving and loading and unloading later and I was done. 
And boy was I toasted done.  Fried crisp, felt like hell, wanted to go to bed.
And bed I did, 9:30 pm and didn't get out of bed until almost 9 am.

Anyway, this is a cleaning day for me. I just spend an hour cleaning off my computer desk, wiping off dog hair and about to get the vacuum cleaner, throw the dogs outside and thoroughly vacuum as much hair out as possible. 

But, I ran out of windex so a trip to the store is in order. And I really need to get a flea shot for Addler, calling them in a few to see if there is any availability. I hate taking that dog to the vet because he refuses to get on the scale.  I literally have to pick the dog up, step on the scale, weigh both of us and then weigh myself alone and then subtract it.  It's a bit ridiculous this giant dog won't just step onto the freaking thing and let's get this over with. 

They both smell again, so i guess I'll have to give them baths today as well. That is quite the exercise program, bathing 2 dogs, one the size of 3 or 4 of most people's dogs.  But Taylor complains about dogs smelling like dogs so I am trying to keep up with bathing them at least ever other week.  I think I'm going to see about getting one of those things you hook up to the garden hose and see how that works. 

Ehhh. And the kitchen is in a shambles.  I'll likely clean that as well.  I can stand a dirty house in other parts of the house but the kitchen? No, no and no.  It's just a magnet for roaches, ants, mice, rats and whatever else.  And it simply looks "trashy" I guess you'd call it. 

Meanwhile, I got the pay stub for last paycheck and sure enough, they deducted over 20 hours of detention pay without any explanation.  Well I got an explanation from another driver yesterday who called me asking if there was a trailer yet - he was at a hotel.  He said he's heard different things from the "new" company that has taken ours over.  They bought it quite a while back but now are transitioning it from the old company to one very large new one.  And allegedly they are taking out 10 hours of any wait for your time forced time off.  I could see that for the first night, but after that? NO. 

The reason? Because after the first 10 hours off, that's all I need.  After that, whenever a trailer comes in at whatever hour of the night, I can leave.  If they don't pay me this detention pay, it will push me to further considering finding greener pastures. But, I'm almost at a year, so I'll try to at least wait the full year out.  I think I started in November, which isn't too long off now.  Actually, I may try to simply switch over to the gasoline division, that's all local work, home every day or night depending on what shift you get.  After that, I could get on with a local company that pays more.  I've heard my company doesn't pay well for the local gas gigs, but I can deal with that on a temporary basis.  Just need to get my experience in and move on. 

Or move over to Hines trucking and haul wood chips.  14 hour days, 5 days a week. That's why I didn't take it the first time, but now that I know I can handle such long days, I could do it.  Weekends off as long as you get all the work done during the week.  Which I would, would try anyway. It would be a pay cut but I could deal with that for the trade off of going home every night and have my weekends freed up.  I'm still very unaccepting of a trucking company such as the one I'm working for not having any regular scheduled time off.  It's not fair to the drivers and it's very self serving to the company. 

The news. All things Trump. If it isn't Trump directly, it is related to Trump, such as his SCOTUS nominee, Kavanaugh and these "new" allegations that he groped a girl in high school.  Textbook play book by the left.  Feinstein had that information since July but chose now to do anything about it?  65 women signed off on a statement that says otherwise about Kavanaugh's demeanor during high school years, now hundreds of colleagues have also delivered a letter.

Monday, apparently, they are going to have a hearing where both Kavanaugh and this woman are invited to come. Kavanaugh will most certainly be there, I dunno about the accuser.  This isn't the first time this has happened, Clarence Thomas went through similar accusations and delivered a scathing monologue for the Senate committee members at the time. It's a classic, you should listen to him speak. 

Well, back to work - home work that is. 

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