Sunday, September 23, 2018

The political climate is getting more and more aggressive from the democrat side.  That's my view of it, anyway, as they are talking tough about investigations even if Kavanaugh is voted in as the next SCOTUS judge.  I've been reading all over the internet the right declaring a civil uprising. You know, I just don't think a Supreme Court justice' being impeached would cause the kind of motivation it would take to take up arms.  I do believe if Trump was impeached, it might motivate enough people. 

It's an interesting time we're living in regardless.  

Whatever the case, there is an entire family of 4 visiting here this weekend.  2 kids and 2 adults.  So the house is full.  Like 9 people full at the moment and apparently they aren't leaving until tomorrow.  It's raining here and has been raining all night long, kind of takes out the motivation to do much of anything, excepting I am cleaning leaves out of the pond regularly to try and keep that thing clear and not get to the way it was before I pulled it out of the ground not long ago and clean the thing out.  

It's fun now to look at the pond because I have it loaded up with small fish.  Like about 25 to 30 of them. Mostly goldfish but I've put in 5 Koi to see if they will survive.  I don't have much vegetation in there, but it's getting late in the year.  I'm going to look into seeing if I can buy a hard plastic bubble to fit over the entire pond for the winter, that way the plants would survive for they wouldn't get frostbite during the coldest nights.  

Interesting. Found a do it yourself setup using electric conduit that you simply bend over the pond and attach to the ground with stakes and then cover with either heavy duty tarps of 6 mil plastic.  I'd love to find clear plastic so you can still see in the pond.  My pond isn't that big, maybe 5-1/2 feet by 4-1/2 feet.  Just a small thing, wouldn't take but 3 or 4 stretches of the conduit.  If I fill the pond up with plants now, that will motivate me to go ahead and build the thing when the weather starts getting cold.  

Wow, also found a cover you just put over the pond to keep leaves out but can still see into the pond and still allowing sunlight in.  It's actually not that difficult to keep up with the leaves tho.  Those floating on the surface easy enough to just pick out, the stuff that makes it to the bottom is drawn to the pump.  I have a much larger capacity pump than necessary for the pond.  Around 750 gallons per hour for a pond less than 200 gallons. It keeps the pond well aerated, keeps the water nice and clean and as I said above, helps draw leaves to it for easy removal.  

I kind of have a renewed interest in this pond after I got all that crud cleaned out of it.  If I keep up with it, I can keep it clean.  If not, well, can always remove it again and spray it out.  Takes much less time to do than I figured it would.  

Well, the rain is coming down heavy now. I had no idea we were going to have a rainy weekend, I'm glad I didn't have to go out and spend quality time in the rain again.  I very much love rainy days - if I'm home.  Out on the road not so much unless I'm stopped for the night and don't have to deal with it.  

Wow, looking at radar. There is a huge storm system starting out in the Gulf near Houston and connected all the way up to Ohio! Anyway only 10% chance of rain in Corpus Christi tomorrow, which is where I'm going, it will be nice not to have a repeat of my first trip down there.  Heavy rain, soaking wet for a couple of hours, at least it was warm out so I didn't get sick.  I have a late start - I probably won't be able to deliver until Monday morning and then drive home.  Which is fine, this is a definitive 2 day run, there is no way to drive 820 miles in one day in trucks set at 65 mph.  Even if you could, it's 2-1/2 hours at the loading plant and at least 2 hours at the unloading plant, just not enough hours in the day for that.


Sunday morning.
Now I'm cranking up the ads to try and find someone to rent that room. Not sure the market for roommates round here, but there are plenty of colleges in this small town.   Donny is definitely leaving - and I actually wish him the best, but that situation was untenable. I've had one reply so far, an 18 year old girl, allegedly employed and has a dog.  Dunno about that.  I suppose if push comes to shove I'll take anyone in there that has any cords of sanity and a normal person.

I don't have to be to the plant until 11:00 am, I got up a bit early so I could enjoy some coffee out of my new Keurig machine.  I absolutely love this coffee.  It's very good and it's very fast.

The family that's been visiting all weekend long is leaving today as well.  I spent a good part of yesterday in my room for the sounds of kids screeching at the top of their lungs in a very high pitched sound escaping from their throats that was driving me insane.  I had to get away from it.  Things will return to normal when they leave. Really nice people tho. 

And with that, off to the races!

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